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Tear Trough


– Tear Trough Fillers from £349

Tear trough fillers are a fast way of revitalising tired, dark and aged under eyes and work to restore an immediately brighter and refreshed complexion. Our eyes are the first areas to show the signs of ageing – and often these signs appear in the form of crow’s feet, dark circles and hollow under eyes – but with this dermal filler treatment, you can reverse the clock for the ultimate eye revival and banish the bags away!

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What is tear trough filler?

Tear trough filler is a type of injectable dermal filler that works to correct a range of issues around the under eye. The tear trough is the name of the deep crease between the lower eyelid and upper cheek and is often the first area to be visibly impacted by age. Tear trough treatment aims to reverse the effects of ageing and restore volume to sunken, hollow eyes, reduce dark circles, improve tissue quality, boost collagen and smooth creased and wrinkled skin. It has noticeable, fast results that are guaranteed to restore your eyes to their former brighter glory.

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Pre-treatment advice and aftercare

Before undergoing a dermal filler treatment, a consultation is mandatory and essential to outline your goals, express your expectations and get to know your practitioner. During this conversation, they will help you find the right treatment path for you based on your skin and individual treatment preferences. They will then create for you one of our unique, individualised care plans so you will be completely looked after before and after your treatment.

All our treatments are performed by experienced medical injectors, who are not only qualified, but also members of one of the following reputable establishments: the General Medical Council (GMC), Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) or the General Dental Council (GDC). For complete reassurance, you can also have your treatment performed by one of our senior medical injectors or medical directors.

Before any dermal filler treatment, we always advise that you do not drink alcohol 24 hours beforehand as this will help reduce the risk of bruising at the entry sites. Alcohol thins the blood, which means the blood vessels will be more receptive to slight trauma (like when the needle enters the skin) and break easily. This means bruises can develop quicker and be more visible than usual. Please avoid taking ibuprofen or aspirin the day before your treatment as this too works in a similar way to thin the blood and influences bruising.

After your treatment, you can expect instant results with the full effect of the eye filler being seen in the weeks following the treatment. Initial tear trough filler bruising, swelling and redness can also be expected due to the injective nature of the treatment, however, your practitioner will provide you with product recommendations that will help enhance the final outcome and speed up the healing process.

For dermal filler aftercare, we also recommend that you temporarily switch to light, mineral-based make-up and sensitive skincare products to ensure infection-free healing.

The final thing to do is simply enjoy your brighter, younger and refreshed eyes! After one treatment of under eye filler, you should see noticeable improvements in fullness and rejuvenation, so get back to life without any downtime!

Frequently Asked Questions

Tear trough fillers have many benefits, but the biggest one is that it can completely refresh tired-looking eyes. Some other benefits of under eye treatment are:

  • It’s ability to eradicate dark shadowing underneath the eyes
  • Reduce wrinkles and creases around the eyes
  • Physically fill and plump hollow, sunken areas
  • Can soften deep, static wrinkles under the eyes when combined with anti-ageing injectables

Another benefit is that it is affordable and requires no downtime, meaning it can easily be squeezed into busy schedules.

The final benefit of tear trough fillers is that it is the perfect way to restore a youthful complexion – with fast results – and gives tired eyes a pop that is long overdue!

Tear trough filler price can vary depending on the amount of filler used. We use Teosyal® Redensity dermal fillers which are an advanced gel designed specifically to treat the delicate and sensitive eye area.

It is formulated mainly of hyaluronic acid, amino acids (like glycine and arginine), antioxidants, minerals (copper and zinc) and vitamin B6 to help regenerate and restructure the skin cells and protect them against oxidation which is responsible for premature ageing. Teosyal® Redensity helps to enhance skin quality and delivers long-lasting improvement of tired looking eyes. This dermal filler also contains lidocaine which is an anaesthetic, so you can expect a numbing sensation to minimise any discomfort experienced during the treatment.

One vial of Teosyal® costs £499 and two vials costs £899. Depending on the severity of your concern, two treatments may be recommended by your practitioner during your consultation.

Tear trough treatment is temporary but can last between 9 – 12 months (which can fluctuate depending on your metabolic rate). To maintain the best results, we recommend one top-up treatment every year.

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