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Skin Peels use naturally derived fruit acids to exfoliate the surface of the skin and improve a number of skin concerns. By removing dull, dead cells from the skins surface, peels immediately reduce open pores, blemishes and fine lines.

Whether you’re a Beginner, Regular or Pro-peeler, the combinations of active ingredients in our skin peels allows you to tackle persistent skin concerns.

What are skin peels?PlusMinus

Skin Peels are the low maintenance answer to flawless, de-congested summer skin. You’re one peel away from brighter, smoother, younger-looking skin. They are ultra-effective treatments, and the beauty industry’s first choice when it comes to our own skincare essentials. But if you’re like 99% of the population and a little bit scared and yet to try a peel, read on. In reality, peels are a powerful, flexible addition to your beauty regime, whether you want to cleanse deeply or effectively treat everything from fine lines to acne.

How do they work?PlusMinus

Different peels work in different ways, though the process is similar for all.  After prepping and protecting delicate areas like around your eyes, your specialist will gently brush on the peel solution. You might feel a little tingly and it will feel warm on your face – this is the active ingredients getting to work. After the peel, your practitioner will cleanse away every trace of the peel, then to be sure there’s nothing active left on your skin, using a specially formulated neutralising solution. They’ll then moisturise, sooth and protect with appropriate products, and recommend an after care routine including cleanser, advanced B5, anti-oxidants and that always-essential SPF.

What's right for me?PlusMinus

It’s best to have a chat with your practitioner about what will suit your skin best, though did you know that peels can be combined? That way, you can target different problems simultaneously for beautifully radiant results! We offer free consultations where your practitioner can discuss which peel is right for your skin type and what kind of results you can expect.

Prescription FacialsPlusMinus

Our skin sometimes needs a little extra care to revive, hydrate, soothe or correct common skin concerns. We’re all guilty of neglecting our skin from time to time, so our range of rescue remedy prescription facials target & improve the most commonly diagnosed skin concerns. Tailored to your skins exact needs, they can be as unique as you are.

Skin ResurfacersPlusMinus

DermaQuest® Pumpkin Peel and Epionce Lite Refresh Peels are our gentlest options, ideal for your first peel. They offer a really deep cleanse, for a fresh, glowing complexion. You’ll see an improvement in tone and texture, reduced redness and pigmentation and an improvement in acne and fine lines. Even though these peels are gentle they are also powerful and you can see the results in an instant.  These peels can also be tailored to your skin type and level of active ingredients can be increased to make it a more advanced peel.

Skin PeelsPlusMinus

Obag®i Radiance Peel is a great ‘all-rounder’. It’s suitable for most skin types, and works very quickly to exfoliate, tighten, refresh and brighten skin. You’ll also notice an improvement in fine lines and on many cases, pigmentation.

DermaQuest® Salicylic Peel is the perfect entry level treatment for anyone that is suffering from mild to moderate acne. It helps to control breakouts, whilst clearing out your skin, to reduce redness and improve skin texture. It also penetrates and decongests to help prevent further breakouts.

Dermaquest® Retinol Infusion Peel is the most versatile peel, containing Vitamin A to tighten pores, reduce oil, renew skin texture, and provide an immediate burst of radiance to your complexion. It’s suitable for ageing or dull skin that needs a boost.

Advanced Skin PeelsPlusMinus

DermaQuest TCA peel is an advanced option, perfect for deeper pigmentation and comedonal acne. It gently dissolves the top layer of the stratum corneum (very top layer of the skin), revealing fresh, new skin cells underneath, leaving your skin soft and smooth with flaws visibly improved.

DermaQuest Modified Jessners peel is designed to manage acne, preventing persistent breakouts and calming current blemishes with Salicylic Acid. Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, it also employs Lactic Acid to lift dark spots due to acne scarring, and resorcinol to exfoliate away dead skin cells, excess oil and debris to establish your clean and clear complexion.

DermaQuest Hibiscus Flower Mandelic peel is a unique pairing of Hibiscus Alpha Hydroxy Acids with Mandelic Acid that works synergistically to deeply exfoliate and liberate undesired hyperpigmentation from the skin. Amino acids provide the building blocks to support the skin’s restructuring process, resulting in a healthier and brighter complexion.

Preparing Your SkinPlusMinus

Which skin peels require prior preparation?

With our introductory peels and customised facials, including Microdermabrasion, Epionce Lite Refresh and SkinCeuticals Gycolic & Lactic peel, unless otherwise advised, these do not require any pre-treatment preparation. However, with the more advanced skin peels that we offer such as Dermaquest Pumpkin Peel, Obagi Radiance, and Dermaquest TCA, you will be required to prepare your skin for a minimum of 2 weeks prior to treatment, and the products recommended will be tailored to your skin type and concern.

Why do I need to prepare my skin?

Preparation for skin peels is a vital aspect of your treatment plan, and key to achieving the best results possible, and minimising down time. By preparing with the recommended products your practitioner has advised, your skin will be brought to its maximum health prior to treatment, which will minimise the likeliness of any reactions and allow you to heal more quickly which reduces any downtime.

Why do I need to buy products?

If your practitioner has recommended products to use prior to treatment, this is so that your skin is stronger and best prepared for treatment. By using specific products that contain smaller amounts of the acids that are in your peel, your skin will become stronger and therefore respond better to the treatment, which will mean your results are more effective.

Why can’t I have a skin peel straight away?

If during your initial consultation you have been advised that you need to go home and prepare for a period of time prior to your treatment this might be because you either need to address other concerns before beginning any peels, or that your skin needs strengthening in order to have the peel. All of our practitioners are expertly trained to recognise when clients may need pre-treatment preparation, and it is important that we follow safety protocol to ensure all of the treatments we carry out are done so safely. Therefore if you are recommended to prepare prior to a peel this is purely for your safety and to ensure you get the very best results possible.

For further information on specific skin peels and what preparation is needed, please use the submit a question box at the bottom of the page to ask us more.

Before and AfterPlusMinus

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TREATMENTSingle treatment

Course of 3 treatments

A thorough cleanse of your skin using cosmeceutical grade products specifically tailored to treat your concerns.

An exfoliating treatment to brighten dull, tired skin and smooth away signs of lines or wrinkles. Great for fine scarring, congested skin and blackheads.

Popular with celebrities, skin re-surfacers and chemical skin peels offer a far more effective solution to targeting the deeper layers of your skin and addressing your concerns than high street products. Individually tailored to you, the techniques and chemicals used will specifically target your concerns and the deeper layers of your skin. Suitable for all skin concerns.
From £79From £209
MICRO-NEEDLING (Genuine Dermaroller and Electronic Dermastamp)

A minimally invasive treatment using a handheld device triggering the body to rapidly produce new collagen and elastin. A Great for reducing scars, stretch marks and improving uneven complexions and skin texture.
From £129From £299

Using light and laser, these well known and proven techniques correct a variety of concerns including broken veins, sun damage & pigmentation spots,
acne breakouts and ageing concerns.
From £89From £259


Q: Will it hurt?
A: Absolutely not. Many customers say they really enjoy their peels – the process has been described as ‘a bit like an intense facial’. Whilst the solution gets to work, you might feel tingling and your face will get warm, but it’s not uncomfortable.

Q: Won’t my skin, well, peel?
A: The peel bit of the peel is at a cellular level, so depending on what level peel you go for there might be some mild peeling. This generally occurs with the more advanced peels such as the Dermaquest TCA and Modified Jessners peel. This will all be fully discussed with you during your initial consultation and prior to treatment, so if you have any concerns you can talk over these with your practitioner.

Q: Will I be able to go to work?
A: All our peels are ‘no down time’, and there’s no need to worry about skin shedding, redness or irritation. In the case of intermediate and advanced peels, your practitioner will prescribe products to prepare your skin before hand. In all cases, they’ll recommend an aftercare routine to keep your fresh new skin looking and feeling gorgeous.

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