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30-90 minutes | 1-6 treatments

Rosacea is the medical name for skin that is persistently red, easily irritated, itchy and tight and has visible broken blood vessels on the skin’s surface. It’s a chronic, but significantly manageable, skin condition thanks to our amazing range of anti-red, sensitive treatments that soothe, hydrate and eradicate the symptoms of rosacea! Combat all the symptoms in one session or customise and combine a collection of treatments for elevated, enhanced results that targets redness for good!

What is rosacea?

Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that mainly affects the face. The first signs of rosacea are persistent blushing and redness across the nose, cheeks, chin and forehead – that comes and goes – and a stinging sensation when in water or using skincare products. Tiny broken blood vessels, or small pink and red bumps, then usually begin appearing on the skin. Other symptoms also include dry skin, frequent eye infections and increased skin sensitivity to sunlight. The cause of rosacea still remains unknown, but it is almost always triggered by external factors, like spicy foods, alcohol, weather and skincare products. It can sometimes appear in cycles too. Luckily, we have a range of treatments to significantly reduce the impact of rosacea and we will help you find the perfect treatment for you and your skin.

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Our rosacea treatments

Depending on your severity of rosacea, some treatments may be more effective than others. During your consultation, your practitioner will outline every treatment avenue worth exploring so you can make an informed decision on which treatment path you’d like to take. Sometimes a combined treatment approach is also recommended, however this varies from client to client.

For mild rosacea, we have a range of skin rejuvenating treatments to reduce pigmentation.

These are:

HydraFacial ­­– this is an advanced facial that uses six patented steps that restore your skin to its best condition. HydraFacial combines massage techniques, vortex fusion, LED light technology and essential botanical, anti-red ingredients that all work together to soothe the inflamed, flushed and uneven skin in rosacea sufferers.

The best HydraFacials for rosacea would be from our Platinum range, which has elevated the six steps of HydraFacial and collaborated with globally known skincare brands to bring you additional booster serums to enhance the final result. ZO® Skin Health have created the Rozatrol® Booster which works to detoxify the skin whilst decreasing the signs of redness and the appearance of distressed blood vessels – this is the perfect facial for those suffering with bumps and spots alongside chronic redness, or acne rosacea. This booster also contains glycerine which softens the skin and relieves dry, itchy and tight skin found alongside rosacea.

ZO® Skin Health’s Brightalive® Booster is also specifically designed to brighten and lessen the appearance of discolouration. This serum also contains glycerine to restore hydration and prevent new pigmentation formation.

Skin peels ­– another professional-level facial that uses a powerful and customisable blend of active ingredients and enzymes to exfoliate and renew the skin. For mild to moderate rosacea, a course of skin peels can be beneficial and has wide epidermal benefits. There are many types of skin peels, but to reduce redness specifically, the best ones would be:

  • Epionce Lite Refresh – this is the perfect facial for an introductory, first time peel. Epionce has designed the best peel for rosacea that contains malic and salicylic acids, which are gentle exfoliators that are strong enough to increase skin cell turnover and generate a newer and unblemished complexion. As rosacea is triggered by certain skincare products, all our peels are super sensitive to avoid any flares of unwanted redness.
  • Medik8 Sensitive PHA – an polyhydroxy acid peel ideal for extremely sensitive, easily reddened skin. Medik8 have developed six sustainable, sensitive peels but for rosacea, there are two that would work the best. Sensitive PHA repairs, exfoliates and reduces the appearance of skin damage – like visible blood vessels and UV-induced rosacea flares. This peel contains PHAs (polyhydroxy acids) that are kinder, more tolerable to rosacea-prone skin.
  • Medik8 Even – this is a brightening peel that targets hypo/hyperpigmentation found in rosacea. If you suffer with pigmentation issues, this is the best peel for you as Even can correct, and reduce, redness whilst boosting your complexion for a brilliant, brighter skin tone.

For moderate to severe rosacea, we offer more dynamic treatments that produce instant results when targeting stubborn symptoms of rosacea.

Laser and IPL treatments – light-based therapies are very effective in reducing redness, visible blood vessels, acne and thickening of the skin that can develop in long-term cases of rosacea.

The broad-spectrum light, or lasers, used can dissolve facial veins, remove bacteria that contributes to the formation of spots alongside redness and correct an uneven skin tone. For red pigmentation, the lasers and intense pulse light works to detect abnormal pigmentation and be absorbed into it. Once the light and lasers are absorbed into the pigment, the light energy is then converted into heat energy which essentially eliminates redness and restores an even complexion without damaging the surrounding skin. It is an effective treatment that can target large parts of the face fast, or focus on more localised areas of concern.

Ablative, CO2 lasers also work to treat thickened skin caused by rosacea, however we do not offer this treatment at DestinationSkin as we prefer non-surgical approaches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why people develop rosacea is still a mystery, but we do know that women and people with light skin are more affected – however – the symptoms are worse in men.

Although it is not known why rosacea occurs, there are many triggers that are thought to dilate the blood vessels that encourage a flare of redness. These triggers are: alcohol, spicy food, cheese, caffeine, hot drinks and aerobic exercise like running. The weather and skincare products are also known to bring out rosacea too.

The best advice for managing rosacea is to identify your own triggers and prepare, and protect yourself from facing them. Wearing a high SPF daily is essential and opting for a skincare regime that promotes a stronger skin barrier is fundamental. Antioxidants, B5 vitamins, TRP-Regulin, niacinamide and glycerine are skincare ingredients to look for!

The amount of treatments varies from person to person and usually multiple treatments are needed to make a lasting impact. During your consultation, when your practitioner examines your skin, they will create for you a bespoke treatment plan and confirm how many treatments will be required to meet your expectations. However, it’s completely up to you how many treatments you want!

Treatment prices also vary. Single sessions of HydraFacial Platinum are £99 and a course is £75. Or, a personalised Platinum HydraFacial is £139 and courses start from £104. Purchasing a course of treatments is much better value for money and will definitely make a bigger impact. However, again, it’s completely up to you!

Medik8 skin peels are priced singularly at £59, or you can get a course of 3 for £159 or a course of 6 for £301. For the Epionce Lite Refresh Peel, single sessions are £83, 3 sessions are £220 and 6 sessions are £440.

IPL and laser sessions are the same price, where single treatments start at £89, or you can purchase a course of 3 for £259.

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