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Prescription Facial

From £60 | 30 minutes | 3 course of treatments recommended

We offer a range of prescription facials, prescribed by our dermatological experts, who strive to assess your needs and provide tangible and visible skincare solutions to an array of complex and stubborn skin concerns. All our prescription facials aim to remodel and restore better dermal function and contain clinical-grade ingredients to make transformational impacts. From facials to brighten, hydrate and revive your skin, our collection means there is something suitable for everybody.

How do prescription facials work?

Prescription facials are personalised treatments that are one step above the traditional and advanced facials we typically offer at DestinationSkin. Each facial works to target a specific skin concern – such as acne, ageing, pigmentation and redness – or a skin type – like dry, oily or combination skin – and uses customisable, medical-strength ingredients that can only be prescribed by our medical professionals. We use our clinical expertise to create, and seek, the best skincare solutions to give you unique treatments that make an instant difference.

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Pre-treatment advice and aftercare

Before your first prescription facial, you will first have a consultation. This is an exciting and important moment in your DestinationSkin journey as this means you are one step closer to achieving your ultimate skin goals.

During your consultation, you’ll get to know your dermatological expert ­– who will assess your skin concern – and outline all the suitable prescription facials that will work best for you and your skin. This is also a time for you to express your own personal expectations for the treatment.

They will then begin creating for you a bespoke treatment plan – with your choices and needs at the centre of it – which will also including pre and post treatment advice and aftercare. It is during this time when they will confirm the amount of treatments needed, as more stubborn skin concerns require more attention and care to diminish significantly.

Pre and post treatment preparation will be confirmed by your practitioner, as sometimes this varies depending on your skin type and skin concern. Usually sensitive skin types may be required to avoid strong active skincare ingredients in the days before and after the treatment, and some cases of acne may not be suitable for treatment (especially current aggressive outbreaks).

Prescription facial aftercare is straightforward and requires no waiting time before you can enjoy your new found love for your complexion. We may recommend some skincare products to help enhance and elevate your results at home – but aside from this – just enjoy the effects of your fast-acting treatment!

Frequently Asked Questions

We have the following exfoliating and restorative facials available that can be filtered by skin concern and skin type. These are:

Personalised prescription facial – for combination skin types. A customised facial to surge your skin with essential brightening and anti-ageing ingredients that can be used regularly to maintain ultimate skin health, or as a course to target discolouration, dullness and overall luck-lustre skin or loss of laxity.

Agera® Oxy Brightener prescription facial – Developed by skincare brand Agera®, meaning ‘not to age’ in Greek, they have developed an anti-ageing facial treatment that uses oxygen to intensely purify the skin and stimulate cell renewal and generation. Their combination of clinical-grade products produce enzymatic reactions below the skin’s surface to boost oxygen that is essential for brighter, healthier and softer skin. Oxygen facials also help to improve circulation, repair epidermal damage, remove the build-up of dead skin cells and activate the regeneration of collagen and elastin proteins that play a fundamental role in skin elasticity and resilience.

Acne prescription facial – Ideal for mild to moderate acne. Can help to restore normal functioning of the sebaceous glands and pore size, whilst also lightly exfoliating the skin to diminish the build-up of dead skin cells and oil that contributes to an unblemished complexion. This facial contains essential anti-acne ingredients like glycerine, salicylic and glycolic acid and can be used on combination, oily and spot-prone skin.

Stem cell prescription facial ­– Plant stem cell technology is changing the cosmetic industry and when used in a prescribed facial, it can act as a type of collagen-induction therapy to remodel the dermis and rejuvenate ageing skin. By using a blend of firming peptides and antioxidants, this facial provides an instant boost of hydration to tired, wrinkling skin.

Retinol prescription facial – This is a brightening treatment that exhibits the potential of the powerful vitamin-A derivative: retinol. Retinol is an anti-ageing skincare hero that is heralded the ‘age-defying’ ingredient that should be used in all skincare regimes. When used in one of our prescription facials, clinical-strength retinol can tackle ageing and pigmentation concerns thanks to its mild resurfacing and collagen-generating abilities. This reparative facial is suitable for normal and dry skin types, and ideal for clients looking to reverse the signs of ageing or damage done by pigmentation.

Epionce® ‘s soothing facial – the perfect treatment for sensitive, easily-reddened skin in dire need of rejuvenation. Epionce® ‘s selection of gentle, botanical products work to cleanse, clean and reduce red pigmentation – without irritating the skin or worsening an already flushed complexion. This treatment would be suitable for those suffering with active eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and inflammatory acne that causes bursts, or more persistent episodes, of redness.

This will be confirmed in your consultation but we usually recommend a minimum course of three to see visible, lasting improvements. The amount of courses, however, is completely up to you and you can have as many – or as little – as you like. We also sell them in 3s and 6s.

Single facials are priced at £59. A course of 3 is £169 and a course of 6, £339. Although, be sure to keep your eye out for our exclusive discounts codes for reduced prices.

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