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Obagi® Radiance

From £104 | 45 minutes | Best results seen after 3 facials

Obagi® is a medical-led skincare company that designs transformational products that work from within. With 30 years of science and innovation behind them, they have developed the award winning Radiance® Peel, which is a next-level facial – suitable for all skin types – that works to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, smoothen rough, uneven skin, fade blemishes and reverse mild and moderate photoaging. It can also work on more complex concerns, like dark spots, hyper-pigmentation, laxity issues – with additional targeted treatments for acne available too! With Obagi’s Radiance® Peel, you can expect brighter, smoother and younger skin from the first peel!

How does an Obagi Radiance® Peel work?

Obagi’s Radiance® Peel is mainly formulated of salicylic acid which makes it an amazing facial for those with super congested, acne/spot-prone skin and works to reveal a glowing, revitalised complexion immediately. The peel solution is made of a strengthening, epidermal-loving concoction of peptides, retinol, lactic and glycolic acids, witch hazel and willow bark extract to target a range of skin concerns – with little to no downtime at all! The peel is applied in layers, and the amount used is completely customisable, so you can achieve a lighter peel or a more advanced, stronger peel depending on you and the area of concern you want to target.

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Pre-treatment advice and aftercare

Before an Obagi® peel, you’ll always have a consultation with one of our expert clinicians. This is an exciting moment in your DestinationSkin journey as it is the first step in achieving clear, younger and glowing skin. During this time, your expert practitioner will examine your skin and outline all the potential treatment avenues worth looking into. Once they have informed you on all the treatments that will make the biggest impact on you, you can decide on the treatment path you’d like to take. Your practitioner will then work with you to create a bespoke, you-orientated treatment plan, including pre and post treatment advice to prepare your skin and enhance the final result. Although, they will go through all the essential do’s and don’ts with you before your peel, here are some of the key things to know:

We always recommend waiting to have a peel if you have recently had an aesthetic facial treatment, like laser hair removal or microneedling etc, as this gives your skin a chance to completely heal. This is because your skin may be more sensitive and may make you more prone to adverse reactions like persistent redness after your facial.

We also advise that you avoid using any topical retinoids, active skincare ingredients or exfoliants, like alpha hydroxy acids, beta hydroxy acids, and acne products containing benzoyl peroxide for at least 5-7 prior to your peel.

On the day of the treatment, you can expect your practitioner to begin by using a mild cleanser to clean away surface debris, makeup and excess oil which ensures the seamless application of the peel. Then, they will use a prepping solution containing peptides to make your skin it’s most receptible to the solution and remove any cleansing residue. Your eyes, corners of the mouth and nose will then be protected using a soft petroleum and after this, you are ready for application!

Your clinician will apply the first layer of the peel, which is a blue coloured liquid, and leave it to work for a few minutes. This waiting period also ensures your skin can tolerate the solution and it may feel a little tingly and warm as it penetrates the skin. They will continue this systematic process of brushing the peel on until the amount of layers required is met. The peel will stay on for around ten minutes to ensure it works itself into the skin thoroughly and once this activation time is over, your clinician will remove all the remaining residue and apply a hydrating, nourishing cream and SPF to rehydrate and protect your skin. You will then notice immediate, visible results that only get better after every peel!

After the peel, your skin may be a little sensitive – and this is perfectly normal as the powerful ingredients used are of a medical grade. This sensitivity should subside quickly after the treatment so you can get back to life as soon as possible!

We also recommend that you do not exfoliate in the days following the peel as this may make your skin even more sensitive and counteract the effects of your treatment. Minimising sun exposure too is also advised.

Before returning to your normal skincare regime, temporarily switching to a simpler, gentler regime may be beneficial to minimise any irritation, peeling or flaking experienced. Using a sensitive moisturiser and avoiding any active ingredients for at least 3-7 days would give your skin the time it needs to feel it’s best!

Frequently Asked Questions

All Obagi® products are clinically proven to have amazing epidermal benefits whilst improving a range of mild to moderate skin issues. The Radiance® Peel is especially known to improve your complexion after one peel, which is one of its biggest benefits – the instant results it produces, in only a matter of minutes!

This peel is especially recommended to alleviate the symptoms of acne and reverse the damage caused by consistent UV exposure (called premature photoaging). So if pigmentation, wrinkles and breakouts are a concern of yours, Obagi® is the peel for you!

Some of the other benefits of Radiance® are its ability to firm the skin and improve laxity lost throughout the years, immediately brighten your appearance, restore an even texture and tone and fade away the effects of hyperpigmentation!

Another great benefit of the Obagi Radiance® peel is that it’s been developed with the Fitzpatrick scale in mind, meaning it is safe to use on all skin types – thanks to their innovative developments in inclusive skincare products and rigorous clinical testing.

Obagi® have pioneered amazing products that put your skin first and have real, tangible results so you can non-invasively get the skin you’ve always wanted!

All skin types are suitable for Obagi’s Radiance® peel, however, some skin conditions implicate your suitability for this treatment. For example, if you have active cold sores, herpes simplex or warts in the treatment area, you cannot have this treatment.

Those with sunburnt, recently wounded and extremely sensitive skin may also not be suitable for this treatment. Additionally, if you suffer with dermatitis or inflammatory rosacea another treatment route may be recommended to you as this peel may exacerbate your current condition.

We have a range of treatments available, so don’t worry if this one is not right for you – we’ll help you find the perfect treatment based on you and your skin!

The amount of treatments needed will be formally outlined in your consultation, however, results can be seen after 1 peel which can help mild conditions, like dullness, and give your skin the boost and extra love it needs to look it’s best.

For more complex, stubborn concerns we recommend a course of 3, and this can vary from 4-6 peels, depending on the individual and the severity of the issue you want correcting.

Single treatments cost £104, however, when you purchase a treatment package, this is much more cost effective and includes 15% and 20% discounts.

For a course of 3, the price is £265 and for 6 sessions, the price is £556. Due to the medical nature of these peels, they are one of the most powerful and clinically proven facials available to target acne, ageing and pigmentation concerns effectively, so don’t miss out!

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