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Milia Removal

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Milia is a stubborn skin condition that causes raised white and yellow cysts on the epidermis that are often confused with, and mistaken for, whiteheads. Milia, or ‘milk spots’, prevents us from achieving our best, flawless-looking skin so that is why we are serious about milia removal. Advanced electrolysis is a clinically proven, safe way of eliminating milk spots for good and works wonders to improve skin texture and softness – whilst leaving no trace that milia was ever there!.

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What is Milia?

Milia are small, hard cysts that usually appear in clusters on the face. They develop when excess skin protein, called keratin, becomes trapped beneath the skin’s surface which forms into the raised, bumpy spots that are the typical characteristic of milia outbreaks. It can occur due to a variety of reasons, which can be age-related, skincare-related or can develop as an aftereffect from an injury, burn or blister. Milia is often completely harmless, but it can be extremely stubborn to remove, which is why we use advanced electrolysis to target fine spots safely without causing damage or scars.

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Our Milia treatments

We offer a range of treatments to remove milia for softer, unblemished skin. Some of them are:

Advanced electrolysis – This is the main treatment we offer to treat mild, moderate and severe milia. This is a favourite as it produces immediate results. It works by placing an ultra-fine probe into the milia spot which then emits a small electrical current through it. Advanced electrolysis is more developed than traditional hair-removing electrolysis and is safe to use on the delicate areas of the face, or around the eyes. It works to painlessly break down the trapped debris beneath the epidermis and facilitates the reabsorption of keratin in the skin for an overall smoother, milia-free complexion.

IPL and laser treatments can also be used as an alternative to advanced electrolysis. IPL and laser treatments work in a similar way to dissolve the milia spots but rather than using an electrical current, it uses broad-spectrum light or laser energy to break down the trapped skin particles.

We also offer exfoliating skin treatments, like microdermabrasion, skin peels and HydraFacials that can be used alongside advanced electrolysis to promote a brighter, even and softer appearance, or can be used on its own to deeply exfoliate and clean the skin. When choosing the right facial, be sure to pick ones that contain retinoids, glycolic or salicylic acids as these are most helpful in targeting milia. These treatments are usually best for treating mild cases and are less invasive than advanced electrolysis, but may not produce as fast, effective results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Milia can appear in babies and adults. It is usually harmless but can conflict aesthetically with our perception of beauty. There are two types of milia, primary and secondary. Primary milia can occur because of a build-up of dead skin cells, or trapped keratin. This can be prevented by having a stronger skincare regime, with more focus on gentle exfoliation and non-comedogenic products in exchange for high-oil contents and heavy creams. This type usually disappears without treatment but can last months before eventually disappearing.

Secondary milia can develop after an epidermal injury, burn or blister as during the healing process, the sweat glands become damaged and results in irregular ‘pockets’ forming.

Ageing skin can also increase your likelihood of developing milia as when we get older, the skin gradually loses its ability to self-exfoliate which causes a build-up of dead skin cells that contributes greatly to outbreaks.

The amount of treatments needed will depend on the severity of your milia and usually we suggest courses of 3 and 6. This will be officially confirmed in your free consultation as during this initial meeting, your practitioner will assess your skin and create a bespoke treatment plan for you – with your preferences and needs at the centre of it.

We usually recommend a course of treatments to achieve permanent results, however how many you want is completely up to you.

Single sessions of advanced electrolysis are priced at £69 or a course of three is priced at £189. For laser and IPL treatments, single sessions start at £89 or a course of 3 is priced at £259. Single sessions of chemical skin peels range from £59-104, courses of 3 are between £159-272 or a course of 6 are from £301-556. Platinum HydraFacials are priced from £99 or courses start at £75 and for microdermabrasion, single sessions are £129 or £299 for 3.

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