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Chemical Peels

45 minutes | 6 treatments for the best outcomes |
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Medik8 are on a mission to become the world’s most sustainable, professional-led skincare brand and have developed six skin peels to help their clients get on the road to beautiful skin for life. They have also created a new programme, 12 Weeks to WOW, which is a combination of bespoke at-home skincare regimes and in-clinic peels to help you achieve your skincare goals. By the end of the programme, the results will literally leave you saying ‘wow’. So, be quick – book your fully refundable consultation now!

What is a chemical peel by Medik8?

Medik8 professional peels are six individual skin peels, named Rewind, Even, Clarity, Universal, Sensitive and Eye Reveal, that are uniquely formulated to target a range of anti-ageing, pigmentation and acne concerns. Chemical peels are a form of professional exfoliation and are formulated using the best active ingredients that are clinically proven to promote skin cell renewal and improve skin texture and tone.

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Pre-treatment advice and aftercare

Knowing how to prepare for a chemical peel the right way ensures there is no delay in starting your Medik8 skin journey. Normally, with all the Medik8 peels, the pre-treatment advice involves using less concentrated forms of the active ingredients found in the skin peels. Preparing your skin in this way is essential to the final outcome of the treatment and ensures your skin is in its best condition possible. Your practitioner will outline which Medik8 products you’ll be required to use before and after your skin peel. These products will be products like SPF, serums with vitamin C and retinoids that assimilate Medik8’s philosophy.

This philosophy Medik8 has invented is called the CSA Philosophy – which is as simple as using vitamin C + sunscreen during the day, and then vitamin A at night. Vitamin C + SPF during the day provides antioxidant protection against free radical damage and environmental aggressors (which are the main contributors that accelerate skin damage), stimulates collagen production and prevents the development of pigmentation for smoother and brighter skin. Vitamin A at night is so important in any anti-ageing routine, and does many things for the skin such as speeding up cellular renewal and controlling sebum production.

After your face peel, the care advice will usually be to continue using the same products you were using before your treatment as this will enhance the results for longer. After every peel, your expert clinician will also apply a complementary Medik8 Ultimate Recovery™ Bio-Cellulose Mask which is worth £60. This is a hydrating mineral sheet mask that contains zinc, hyaluronic acid and rockweed algae extract which helps to soothe the skin and harnesses the power of detoxifying natural minerals. This leaves your skin completely nourished, soothed and refreshed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Medik8’s chemical peels (that don’t actually contain any chemicals) work as a non-invasive, mild skin resurfacing treatment to promote stronger functioning of the skin’s barrier and improve a range of epidermal issues.

They do amazing things like improve acne and acne scarring, eradicate fine lines and wrinkles, restore an even complexion and intensely soften and brighten the skin.

There are six skin peels to choose from, and finding the right one for you can be filtered by skin concern and treatment expectation. These peels are:

Medik8 Clarity peel ­– this is a kind of salicylic acid peel that helps to decongest blemished, clogged skin. This is perfect for re-establishing a brighter, clearer appearance and helps to prevent future breakouts and alleviate current ones.

Medik8 Rewind peel – this peel is the best chemical peel for acne and acne scarring, but can also be used to help turn back the clock on aged skin. This is a regenerating skin peel that helps to repair skin damage and promote collagen production to reduce visibly damaged, lined and blemished skin.

Medik8 Even peel – a brightening, radiance-boosting skin peel that can correct sun damage and restore an even complexion. This is the ideal chemical peel for hyperpigmentation or pigmentation issues.

Medik8 Universal AHA – a universally diverse skin peel for all skin types, tones and concerns. This is a glycolic acid peel, also known as an alpha-hydroxy acid, that deeply exfoliates to reveal brighter and better skin from the first session. This is a great first time peel to maintain, and boost, skin health.

Medik8 Sensitive PHA – a new peel for extremely sensitive, easily reddened skin. Helps to promote a stronger skin barrier and improves skin texture and tone. This peel contains PHA, an polyhydroxy acid which helps to undo, and prevent, free radical damage to collagen and skin cells. It’s an alternative to alpha-hydroxy and beta acids that sensitive skin cannot usually tolerate.

Medik8 Eye Reveal peel – targets dark, aged and tired eyes. This is an ultra-sensitive, gentle peel that is powerful enough to significantly firm loose skin around the eye area. Ideal for reducing the appearance of crow’s feet and brightens sunken eyes.

Medik8 also offers a Signature peel which is a 2-in-1 combination peel that lets you mix and match between Clarity, Rewind, Universal, Sensitive, Eye Reveal or Even to get the power of two peels, for almost the price of one! A combination approach completely enhances the final outcome and produces next-level results.

After a chemical peel you can expect some redness, and this is perfectly normal due to the powerful ingredients each peel contains. This side effect usually diminishes within an hour or so after your session. Any side effects will be minimal, as generally, your skin will be used to the ingredients in the peel because of your at-home prepping.

Many people fear skin peeling after a peel which they shouldn’t! Mild skin peeling can be expected and this is a good sign and shows the treatment is working to expel dead skin cells and prompt new skin cell generation!

Our experts craft every peel depending on your skin’s sensitivity and what would produce the best impact without causing any damage. If there was even the slightest bit of evidence your skin was reacting abnormally to the treatment, your practitioner would apply a neutraliser right away. Your safety is always our top priority.

In the days after your treatment, you can expect brighter, softer and refreshed skin – so enjoy!

All the Medik8 facial peels are £79 per session and Eye Reveal £59. We recommend a course of either 3 – 6 treatments to see significant results in correcting your skin concern and these are much more economical in the long term. When buying 3 sessions you get 10% off, which makes all the facials £213 (or Eye Reveal £159). When buying 6 sessions, you get 15% off which is £403 (or £301 for Eye Reveal).

We also offer a price match guarantee, student and public services discount and 0% financing options.

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