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Laser and IPL
Skin Rejuvenation

From £89 | 30-45 minutes | A minimum of 3 sessions |
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Skin rejuvenation can be easily achieved with laser and light technology, with our non-invasive treatments promoting a renewed, glowing appearance effortlessly. IPL and laser rejuvenation is ideal for those looking for an instantly refreshed complexion, stronger skin health, improved tissue quality and boosted collagen production that eradicates fine lines, scars and deeply set wrinkles ­– almost naturally!

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What is laser and IPL skin rejuvenation?

Laser and light skin rejuvenation are essentially the same treatment, however, one is performed using IPL, which uses broad-spectrum infrared and invisible lights to artificially trigger collagen production and encourage skin cell renewal. The other, is performed with an infrared Nd:YAG laser which can safely target the deepest layers of skin to reverse a range of ageing, pigmentation and epidermal concerns. When we use laser and light rejuvenation, we only trigger the right responses and your skin does the rest! It is one of the least invasive treatments we offer to give you smoother, flawless and younger skin – without the use of injectables.

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Pre-treatment advice and aftercare

Before having laser or IPL skin rejuvenation, you’ll first have a consultation with one of our expert clinicians. The consultation is a very important moment as it is a chance for you to outline your expectations to your practitioner and a time for them to examine your skin and see whether a laser or IPL route will be more suitable for you. This is an expert-led, but client-orientated, chat to provide you with all the information surrounding relevant treatment paths to help inform your decision when choosing a treatment. They will then create for you a unique treatment plan, including pre and post treatment advice to elevate your results at home and all the essential do’s and don’ts before your treatment. Here are some of them:

In the weeks prior to your laser or light treatment, we recommend that you temporarily avoid using acidic and active skincare products such as retinol, hyaluronic acid, beta hydroxy or alpha hydroxy acids. We advise this as a precaution, as under the light, we want to avoid any adverse reactions. Beforehand, you would have had a patch test to ensure this doesn’t happen, but we always want to avoid unnecessary complications that implicate the seamless administration.

We also cannot perform any light-based treatments on those that have a natural, or fake, tan. It is very important that you avoid prolonged sun exposure 1 week before (and after) your treatment to avoid delaying your journey to flawless skin. Please be sure to keep your practitioner updated with any changes as we can always reschedule the appointment for a more convenient time. We ask that you minimise sun exposure, before and after the treatment, as this can also increase your risk of reaction and cause side effects like increased sensitivity or, in the worst cases, burns. As laser and light uses mild heat to rejuvenate the skin, small amounts of epidermal sensitivity can occur, so once the skin heals, you can resume your normal habits.

On the day of your treatment, you can expect your practitioner to clean the treatment area before beginning. Once the treatment is over, your practitioner will cleanse and protect your skin using an SPF. Your skin may feel more sensitive/ red than usual – this is perfectly normal ­­– and these side effects should subside quickly after. Your practitioner will help identify the best products to soothe and hydrate your skin that will also speed up the healing process.

Our laser devices and light devices also have cooling mechanisms programmed into their design, so the actual sensation of the treatment should not be uncomfortable.

After the first treatment, you’ll notice an immediate improvement in your skin’s softness, tone and texture. In the weeks following, you’ll then begin to see a change in the appearance of your wrinkles and an improvement in skin elasticity as the body begins to produce more collagen. For pigmentation or scarring concerns, like age spots or acne scars, they should begin to fade 7-10 days after the first treatment. After each treatment, you should notice significant improvements in your skin, but we do recommend a course of treatments to achieve a full rejuvenated effect.

It should also be noted that you should avoid strenuous exercise or water-based activities, like swimming or steam rooms, for 1-2 days after the treatment. You should also take cool showers, or baths, until the skin heals as it can be more sensitive to hot water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lasers and IPL have many amazing benefits to rejuvenate your skin. Some of the things IPL and laser can do are: rejuvenate your skin by boosting collagen production, promote better skin quality and restore a smoother, flawless complexion.

It can also be used as an anti-ageing treatment to tighten sagging, loose skin, allecerate collagen levels and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Pigmentation can be reversed with laser and light treatments too, as the light can target melanin in the skin and diminish pigmentation marks, like age spots or sun damage, and correct an uneven skin tone.

Scarring issues can also be improved by IPL and laser rejuvenation treatments. The light and laser works to improve scars by causing thermal cellular reactions in the dermal and epidermal layers of skin. The dermis is where collagen is produced and collagen is one of the essential anti-ageing proteins responsible for repairing the skin and giving it it’s resilience, support and vitality. By using thermal energy, laser and light beams target the damaged skin cells and encourage new skin cell renewal which can significantly improve the appearance of scarred skin.

Laser and IPL treatments have a plethora of benefits to leave you with beautifully renewed, younger skin every time.

We recommend a minimum course of 3 treatments to achieve significant improvements, but the number of treatments can vary and will be formally outlined in your consultation. However, it is up to you how many treatments you want!

With IPL and laser treatments, we always recommend a course of treatments that are taken 2-3 weeks apart. This ensures we keep on stimulating collagen production, which plays an essential role in skin renewal, the healing process and the reduction of ageing, scarring and pigmentation issues, so the effects of the treatment will be continuous and ten-fold.

Single sessions of laser and IPL treatments cost £89 and courses of 3 start from £259. We also offer courses of 3, 6 and 12.

We offer both IPL and laser skin rejuvenation as if you are not suitable for one, you’ll almost definitely be suitable for the other! Offering both treatments means we have all bases covered, so our practitioners can match you to the most suitable treatment depending on you, your skin tone, concern and sensitivity. Great advancements in light technology has ensured that skin rejuvenation is accessible to everyone!

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