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Hair Removal

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By combining the experience and expertise of our staff, the most advanced technology and highest safety practices, we can achieve flawless hair removal and permanent hair reduction – across all our clinics – for all our clients. Don’t forget to check out all the latest offers by clicking here.

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We offer both electrolysis and laser hair removal treatments which equips us to remove unwanted body hair for good on every skin type and hair colour. We usually recommend laser hair removal for dark and dense hair and electrolysis for fuzzy, fine and light hair – where both can be used across the body and face to either completely remove hair or to sculpt, shape and simplify beauty and grooming regimes. Permanent hair removal has amazing efficacy in lastingly removing hair – which means you won’t have to think about regular hair removal again.

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How many treatments will I need to remove the hair?

What makes permanent hair removal effective is the expert skill of our practitioners, who incorporate both the science of hair growth cycles and skin types to permanently alter the hair growing environment, without causing any damage to the surrounding skin. Our clinicians use hair growth cycles to target the hair in its most receptive stage. There are three main stages of hair regrowth: the anagen, catagen and telogen phases. The anagen phase is when the hair is dividing rapidly and is most visible. We aim to target the hair in this stage as when under the laser, or with electrolysis, the base of the hair follicle – which looks like a black bulb at the end of each hair – will remain whole and ensure permanent hair removal seamlessly.

During your consultation, we use the Fitzpatrick Scale (which is the renowned scale used to classify skin types), to outline the right treatment for you.

  • Type I Very pale. Light eyes and hair. In the sun: prone to freckles,
    always burns and never tans
  • Type II White, fair skin. Blonde or red hair. Light eyes. In the sun: prone to freckling and burns ­– tans minimally
  • Type III Medium tanned skin. Light brown or hazel eyes. Dark blonde to light brown hair. In the sun: skin freckles, burns mildly – mostly tans
  • Type IV Olive to light brown skin. Increased presence of melanin in the skin. In the sun: tans often, doesn’t freckle and burns minimally
  • Type V Dark brown skin. Dark eyes and hair. Higher presence of melanin in the skin. In the sun: rarely burns, always tans
  • Type VI Very brown skin. Brown eyes and hair. Very high presence of melanin in the skin. In the sun: skin never freckles or burns – tans darkly

Once your practitioner has assessed and examined your unwanted hair, you’re then ready to begin your journey to smooth skin. Our laser hair removal and electrolysis treatments are available for men and women, where we encourage our clients to take full advantage of our frequent package deals, 0% finance options and discounts alongside our reasonably priced treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have invested in the safest and most effective lasers to allow us to treat all skin types and ethnicities. The Cynosure Elite+ lasers utilise different wavelengths to target the hair follicle whilst leaving the surrounding skin untouched. Laser treatment is most effective on darker hair as it is best absorbed when there’s more pigment. Our Cynosure Elite+ lasers mean we get good results even if you have darker skin or very light hair where other lasers wouldn’t work.

At DestinationSkin, we use 3 different makes and models depending on your skin and hair type. These models are:

  • The Lumenis Lightsheer Diode (810nm)
  • The Cynosure Alexandrite (755nm)
  • The Cynosure ND YAG (1064nm)

In your consultation, a hair assessment will be carried out to determine which laser will be best for your treatment to achieve the desired results safely and effectively.

A minimum of 6 sessions are recommended for best results, single treatment sessions are available to maintain results.

Treatment: Eyebrows | Ears | Upper Lip
Single session Price: £49
Course of 6 sessions Price: £279

Treatment: Hairline | Cheeks | Chin Sideburns | Underarms | Nipples Stomach navel line | Hands Feet Buttock crease
Single session Price: £59
Course of 6 sessions Price: £339

Treatment: Lip & Chin | Neck | Classic bikini
Single session Price: £79
Course of 6 sessions Price: £419

Treatment: Lower face | Shoulders | Upper arms | Lower arms inc hands | Abdomen | Thong bikini
Single session Price: £99
Course of 6 sessions Price: £529

Treatment: Beard | Chest | Upper back | Lower back | 3/4 arms inc hands | Brazilian/Hollywood bikini inc buttock crease | Buttocks
Single session Price: £129
Course of 6 sessions Price: £599

Treatment: Full face | Full arms inc hands | Full back | Upper legs | Lower leg inc knee
Single session Price: £169
Course of 6 sessions Price: £829

Treatment: Chest & abdomen | Back & Shoulders | Full legs
Single session Price: £199
Course of 6 sessions Price: £999

***Prices listed are per treatment area. If your area is not listed please let us know. A minimum of 6 sessions are recommended for best results, single sessions are available to maintain results.

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