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Facial Vein

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Visible facial veins conflict with the aim of getting flawless skin and covering them up can be time-consuming. We have two treatments available, IPL and advanced electrolysis, to help you achieve beautifully soft and unblemished skin. Restore your confidence and be ready to face anything with all our fast-acting treatments!

How does facial vein removal work?

We mainly use IPL for removing smaller facial thread veins, however advanced electrolysis can be another avenue worth exploring on your journey to flawless, vein-free skin! IPL – an acronym for intense-pulsed light – works by using bursts of broad-spectrum light and heat energy to collapse epidermal-level veins, which are then gradually dissolved and removed by the body. We prefer IPL as it is suitable for all skin types, reduces redness and vein visibility whilst simultaneously improving skin texture and boosting softness!

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Visit our clinic when it suits you for a chat with one of our lovely practitioners on how to achieve complete thread vein removal! This may include a quick patch or a skin sensitivity check using a UV lamp.


Begin your treatment and banish veins away for good!

Pre-treatment advice and aftercare

Before having your first session of IPL, you’ll begin by having an initial consultation. The consultation is an important moment as you’ll get to know your practitioner, who will examine your facial veins and outline all the possible treatment routes suitable for you. They will then provide you with all the information regarding thread vein removal treatments which will allow you to choose the one that will make the biggest impact on you – as you know your skin best! They will then create a bespoke treatment plan, including pre and post treatment advice, so you can enhance your results at home too! You will also be required to do a patch test beforehand to ensure you have no adverse reactions to the light.

The biggest do’s and don’ts before an IPL treatment are:

Please do not get tanned before your facial thread removal, this includes fake tanning too. It is best to avoid too much sun exposure, and fake tanning in general, in the weeks prior to your treatment as this can cause skin damage when under the light.

We also recommend that you avoid using active skincare products, like retinol or any hyaluronic, glycolic and salicylic acids, for 1 week before and 1 week after the treatment to minimise the risk of irritation.

On the day of the first session, please come into the clinic freshly washed and, if possible, make-up free. If not we can remove any products before beginning!

Afterwards, it is very normal to look a little redder than usual or have some localised swelling, however, this should settle in the following hours and days. Your practitioner will recommend, and also apply, some of the best products like topical arnica or SPF to help protect and soothe your skin!

We also advise that you do not do any strenuous, or water-related, activities – like going to the gym or participating in leisure facilities like saunas, swimming pools or steam rooms. For the following days, we recommend that you bathe in cool, or lukewarm, water to not cause any additional redness. Please also avoid any active skincare ingredients and fragranced lotions for 2-7 days after. Makeup can be worn afterwards, however, we recommend light, water-based cosmetics to minimise irritation.

After your first session, you should also begin to see some improvement in your visible facial veins that will keep on improving until the veins are completely diminished. So, enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a treatment with many bonuses that not only works to eradicate stubborn facial issues, like thread veins, but can also be used to improve skin texture and softness! As this is a light-based therapy, it also works wonders to reduce redness alongside visible facial veins – which can also be a sign of rosacea. It has skin renewing qualities too, so your complexion will benefit massively from IPL which always leaves your skin brighter than before!

There is no anaesthetic used during IPL which means it is a low-pain treatment and very tolerable. Most clients describe it as feeling warm, like a warming sensation that gradually spreads across the skin. This is a good sign, however, as it means the IPL is working to break down the veins and give you the flawless skin you’ve been longing for! Our practitioners can also apply a cooling gel to help ease any discomfort, if you prefer.

Once the facial veins have been dissolved, they are gone for good! So when your course of treatments is complete you can expect the IPL to last indefinitely.

To prevent future thread veins from occurring, it is to best engage in positive habits like wearing SPF often, drinking alcohol in moderation, not smoking and keeping active to help keep facial veins at bay.

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