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Refresh Skin Peel

From £83 | 30-45 minutes | 3-6 treatments |

Our Epionce® Lite Refresh peel works to unleash the natural potential of your skin and is developed by skincare brand Epionce®, who simply believe that healthy skin is beautiful skin. Epionce® have integrated over twenty years of clinical skin research, science and botanical ingredients to create products that reveal beautifully bright and smoother skin. This treatment is great for the majority of skin concerns and can help with acne, post-acne discolouration, rosacea and overly red skin, along with sensitive skin as it strengthens the skin’s natural barrier response, which also helps improve signs of ageing and overall dullness of the skin.

What is a chemical peel?

Epionce® Lite Refresh peels are a type of chemical skin peel. Chemical peels are a range of professional, exfoliating facials that do not actually contain any chemicals, but are named after the powerful blend of active, anti-ageing ingredients they are formulated of. The Lite Refresh Peel works to re-establish a better epidermal quality, and this can be used to reverse hyperpigmentation issues, soften the symptoms of mild acne and improve the appearance of fine lines. The peel itself consists of malic and salicylic acids which are the essential skin exfoliating duo that boosts new skin cell production and leaves the skin clearer, and smoother, from the onset.

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Pre-treatment advice and aftercare

Knowing how to prepare for a chemical peel ensures there is no delay in beginning your treatment. The first step to getting a skin peel is booking a quick consultation with one of our clinicians. During this expert-led chat, you’ll get to know your practitioner who will assess your skin and outline the recommended strength of your peel. All our peels are customisable and matched to suit you, your skin and your expectations, and this may mean a light, or more advanced peel, will make a bigger impact on you. Your clinician will then begin crafting for you one of our market-leading treatment plans which will include pre and post treatment advice. Some of the information is outlined below:

Our Epionce® Lite Refresh Peel peels require no pre-treatment prepping and is our kindest treatment– ideal for your first peel and sensitive skin. So the only pre-treatment advice is to come to the clinic on the day and get glowing, beautiful skin immediately!

After your skin peel, your practitioner may recommend some skincare products to help enhance the effects of the peel at home and make the effects last longer. These can be products like SPF, gentle cleansers, vitamin-C serums or hydrating topicals.

The final piece of advice is to simply enjoy your healthier complexion! Each skin peel works towards unlocking your skin’s true potential, so you can feel your best, most confident self in the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

A facial peel works to promote a brighter, cleaner – and essentially – newer epidermis. The epidermis is the name of the surface, visible layer of skin that often becomes dull, wrinkled, spotty and congested throughout the years – but skin peels change this. Chemical peels are designed to work on an epidermal level using a blend of active ingredients like malic and salicylic acids to exfoliate the very top layer of skin and reveal the new skin cells beneath.

During each peel you can expect your clinician to follow the below steps, and although this may vary, they mostly follow a similar process. The steps of a skin peel are:

  • Cleanse your skin. Cleansers work to dissolve any initial surface-level bacteria and dead skin cells which leaves your skin clean and ready for the peel.
  • Your dermatological expert will then they will smother your face in a unique prepping solution, personalised especially to suit your skin and it’s sensitivity.
  • They will then cover your delicate areas, to protect your eyes and mouth.
  • You are then ready for the peel! Your clinician will begin brushing the peel across your face. This may feel a bit tingly, but is a sign the active ingredients are working to penetrate the deeper layers of skin and stimulate collagen production, improve pigmentation and decongest the skin.
  • After the required time the peel takes to work, it will then be removed and a neutraliser applied to remove all the remaining residue.
  • Your clinician will then apply a hydrating serum, collagen activating complex and an antioxidant serum to prevent free radical damage that contributes to wrinkles, boost future collagen production for a firmer, healthier and younger complexion. This serum will also help accelerate the skin’s renewing process.

After your skin peel you can expect a little redness due to the exfoliating nature of the treatment, however this will subside quickly. Many people fear skin peels but this is really unnecessary, when it is done by one of our experts, side effects will be minimal – or none at all.

You can then expect your skin to feel softer, radiant and intensely clean after your peel, this is always guaranteed no matter what type of peel you get.

No. This type of facial should not make your skin worse, if anything, every peel should make your skin better. The peels are formulated with the essential, clinically-proven ingredients that are shown to improve and combat the effects of chronic skin conditions. If you are worried about aggravating or irritating your current complexion, please don’t worry ­– the level of active ingredients can be adjusted to suit your skin’s sensitivity.

Absolutely! Skin peels are safe for all skin types and tones. Our dermatological experts can help find the right peel for you, no matter your skin tone. Each peel can be customised depending on what you want and what you’d like for your skin.

We have a range of skin peels available and single sessions of our Epionce® Lite Refresh peel starts at £83. We also sell them in courses of three and six. At the moment we are offering 15% off our courses of 3 and 20% off our courses of six, so our new price for three treatments is £212 and a course of six is £398.

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