• Electrolysis Hair Removal


    • Targets delicate, small areas of the body
    • Perfect for removing fine, light coloured hair
    • Lasting results with minimal maintenance
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Electrolysis Hair Removal is an alternative to traditional Laser Hair Removal and is the most effective way of removing any unwanted, light coloured body hair.

It is designed to eliminate any fair, blonde, grey or white hairs on your face and body with long lasting results!

How does Electrolysis work?PlusMinus

Electrolysis is a hair removal technique that combines high-frequency currents and ultra-fine tools to remove each individual hair follicle and discourages future hair regrowth. Our hand-held device is fitted with a very fine probe, which when gently inserted into the hair root, emits an electrical current which flows through it and damages the hair growing environment, meaning no other hairs can regrow.

Using our extensive knowledge of hair growth cycles, we want the Electrolysis treatment to coincide with when the hair will be in its most responsive state of the cycle, so we can produce the best results. The hair will be most responsive in the Anagen phase, which is when the hair is actively growing and is fully pigmented. The hair will slide from root easily and be released from the sticky sheath surrounding the hair in one movement, without multiple breakages. This is the most effective time for Electrolysis. Although, as the hair is only in this stage 20% of the time, to give long-term results, multiple treatments may be required to fully target and damage the hair follicles and permanently prevent grow back.

One benefit of receiving Electrolysis treatment is that once your course of sessions is complete, you should see significant reductions, if not permeant removal, of any unwanted hair. A typical course may involve multiple, interval sessions spread approximately 2-4 weeks apart. This will all be formally clarified during your free consultation.

Will it work for my hair and skin type?PlusMinus

Electrolysis is not always suitable for every hair and skin type. For Electrolysis treatment to work best, you should have very light hair that cannot be treated by Laser Hair Removal. As Electrolysis is usually an alternative to Laser Hair Removal, it is not suitable to treat any thick, dark hairs. Electrolysis is suitable for people with very unpigmented (light) hair as they will be unaffected by the laser device used in LHR as it cannot detect the hair’s pigment.

This treatment is also suitable to treat small, delicate areas, like the chin and upper lip. So, if you have a large area of hair you want to remove, we recommend you first having Laser Hair Removal and then come back to Electrolysis to remove any remaining hairs the laser missed.

What areas of my body can be treated?PlusMinus

With Electrolysis, we can almost treat every area on the body and face. Yet, as this treatment targets the individual hair follicles, it is ideal for small areas, such as any facial areas like the chin, upper and lower lip. Other small areas include the ears, side of the face, navel, underarms and eyebrows.

Using Electrolysis, we can treat any areas that Laser Hair Removal cannot.

What results can I expect?PlusMinus

After your course competition, you can expect significant reduction, if not permanent removal of any unwanted hair. Your practitioner will recommend the ideal number of treatments to achieve this and generally, you will start to see a difference after a few sessions. You will first begin to see the hairs starting to reduce in texture and slow in growth rate.

During your course, each session will be spread between 2-4 weeks apart and gradually with longer intervals as the hairs start to disappear completely.

Pre-treatment advicePlusMinus

Four weeks before your treatment, you should limit using any other hair removal methods on the desired treatment area, such as plucking, waxing and shaving, as we want the hair to be most responsive to the treatment.

You should also avoid exposing the desired treatment area to the sun for at least two weeks before the treatment. This can impact the final result of the treatment and lead to some potentially nasty side effects like burns.

Prior to your treatment, please avoid using an active skincare products (products containing active ingredients like Salicylic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid or Retinol) and let us know if you have had any recent facial or skin treatments on the area. It is important you maintain good communication with your practitioner and if you have started any medication, feel unwell or have had any other cosmetic treatments, you should let them know as we can always reschedule any appointments.

Before & AftersPlusMinus

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How much does Electrolysis Hair Removal cost?PlusMinus

Our Electrolysis pricing is broken down into sessions and course pricing, so the amount you pay will vary depending on the number of sessions you need to effectively target your area of concern. The treatment time required will be discussed at your free consultation.

An alternative to laser hair removal perfect for treating small areas, white or fair hairs. The treatment time required will be discussed at your free consultation.Single session
Course of 3 sessions
Course of 6 sessions
15 minutes Electrolysis Hair Removal£39£109£209
30 minutes Electrolysis Hair Removal£69£189£369
45 minutes Electrolysis Hair Removal£109£319£629
1 hour Electrolysis Hair Removal£139£399£789

How many treatments will I need?PlusMinus

The number of treatments needed will be determined in your initial consultation with your practitioner. Typically, the average number of treatments is around 10 – 15 sessions, yet sometimes, ongoing maintenance is often necessary to target any stubborn, returning hair.


To keep the treated area hydrated and clean, it is essential to use products containing Aloe Vera and Witch-Hazel. Also, we advise that you use an unscented moisturiser, like DermaQuest’s Essential Daily Moisturiser and an SPF cream to protect the treated area from any UV rays whilst your skin heals. We recommend the one by Heliocare.


Q: Will I need to rest after having an Electrolysis treatment?
A: You shouldn’t need any rest time from Electrolysis. Usually, clients experience some mild redness and localised swelling which will disappear after 24-48 hours.

Also, sometimes after the treatment, tiny scabs can form from where the probe has entered the skin but usually this is the size of a pin-prick and should disappear a few days after the treatment.

Q: How much preparation is needed?
A: We also advise our clients to limit any other hair removal methods on the desired treatment area, such as plucking, waxing and shaving, as we want the hair to be most responsive to the treatment. Also, you should prepare your skin by not exposing it to any sunlight two weeks before and after the treatment as this may increase the risk of burns, irritation and scars.

Q: How do I know if I’m suitable?
A: Electrolysis is suitable for people wanting to target any small body areas and can remove any light, unwanted hair. Or, it can be used as a follow-up treatment from Laser Hair Removal to remove any remaining hair. This will all be confirmed during your first initial consultation, where your suitability will be formally assessed. We will assess the treatment area, your hair type and the number of treatments required to achieve your desired results.

Q: How often should I have the treatment?
A: Regular treatments get the best results. You will need to have treatments every two to four weeks until the hair follicles are completely destroyed.

Q: Does Electrolysis hurt?
A: Most clients describe it as a mild warming sensation. Our practitioners are highly skilled and will always adapt the treatment to suit you and your needs. If you have a very low-pain threshold, we can apply some numbing cream to make you as comfortable as possible.

Q: Is this treatment safe?
A: Of course! At DestinationSkin, we have high standards and believe our skilled practitioners, top quality products and machinery reflects this. You can be assured that we always follow strict, rigorous safety procedures and only undergo treatments if the client is suitable and if the equipment and practitioner have met the right safety protocols.

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