• Dermaquest® TCA Skin Peel

    • Corrects sun damage & Brightens dull skin
    • Softens deep wrinkles
    • Exfoliates uneven skin texture
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A professional strength peel designed for the pro-peeler to tackle persistent skin concerns. Suitable for treating pigmentation often caused by acne breakouts, sun damage, or fine lines and wrinkles.

This is an advanced level skin peel combining TCA, Lactic and Salicylic Acid to penetrate the deepest layers of your skin. It gently dissolves the top layer of the skin (stratum corneum), revealing fresh, new skin cells underneath, leaving your skin soft and smooth with flaws visibly improved. The benefits don’t stop there. You will notice improvements to the fine lines, wrinkles and scars as new collagen plumps them up.

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    Minimum of 3 recommended
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    Recovery Time
    up to 7 days
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    Treatment Time
    30 - 45 mins

How does it work?PlusMinus

We use DermaQuest’s most comprehensive and potent ant-ageing peel. This treatment is formulated to combat severe photodamage, open pores, deep wrinkles and dull, collagen-lacking skin. It has a combination of 2% Salicylic Acid and 7% Trichloroacetic Acid to penetrate the deepest epidermal layers.

With a low PH level, this peel penetrates the top layers of your skin and breaks down your skin’s natural glue (lipid cement). It encourages new skin cells to form, sheds dead skin and renews smoothness, plumpness and colour.

Will it work for my skin type?PlusMinus

If you’re looking to slow the ageing process or combat the symptoms left by acne, this peel provides substantial exfoliation, helps skin appear softer and smoother, and evens and brightens skin tone.

What areas can be treated?PlusMinus

Face, neck and back.

What results can I expect?PlusMinus

Visible result will be noticeable between 10-28 days after the treatment. The skin will feel smother, refined, tighter and brighter.

Pre-treatment advicePlusMinus

Prior to your treatment, you will need to prepare your skin for this treatment using DermaQuest recommended products. Depending on your skin type, you will need to prepare for either two or six weeks. It is important that your skin is in good health prior to this peel, so you will be advised to use homecare products to strengthen, hydrate and protect the skin barrier before starting your clear skin journey.

Any retinol or Vitamin A Products should not be used for approximately two weeks prior to treatment.

We recommend that you prepare your skin for treatment to ensure you experience minimal downtime and to achieve the best long-lasting results.

Before and aftersPlusMinus

  • After 3 treatments for melasma and sun damage

  • After 3 treatments for slight melasma and sun damage

  • After a course of 3 treatments



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How many treatments will I need?PlusMinus

We generally recommend a total of three treatments: one per month. This will depend on each individual.


Following the aftercare advice and using a great homecare kit is essential. They’re the key to maintaining your results. We recommend a hydrating serum, such as DermaQuest’s B5 Hydrating Serum to bring back the glow and supple look to the skin.


Q: How much downtime is there after treatment?
A: Peeling will start a couple of days after the treatment and will last for up to a week. Don’t be worried, this is completely normal and is part of the skin renewal process.

Q: How do I know if I’m suitable?
A: This is one of most advanced skin peels so is not suitable for everyone. Your practitioner will take you through everything during your complimentary consultation.

Q: How many treatments will I need?
A: We recommend a course of 3 treatments, 4 weeks apart. We would then recommend an alternative lighter skin peel to maintain and further results.

Q: Does TCA treatment hurt?
A: You will feel warmth as each layer dries. This only lasts for a minute and shows that the treatment is working.

Q: What happens during the treatment?
A: Your skin is thoroughly cleansed before the solution is applied. You will have up to three layers of peel applied during a single treatment and will feel a short burst of warmth as each layer dries. The treatment takes 45 minutes in total.

Q: How is it different from other treatments?
A: This treatment targets deeper layers in the skin than the alternatives.

Q: How regularly do I need to have the treatment?
A: With skin peels, treatments should be four weeks apart. Once you have finished a course of treatments, you should wait three months until starting your next skin treatment.

Q: Is it safe?
A: DermaQuest is a leading cosmeceutical brand who have been manufacturing peels for over 20 years.

Complimentary skincare productsPlusMinus

Use delicate or essential daily cleanser and an SPF product 24 hours after treatment. We recommend DermaQuest B3 Serum to reduce downtime, three days after treatment.

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