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    Dermal Fillers

    Dermal fillers use a substance found naturally within your skin to enhance your features and revitalise ageing skin. With our dermal filler treatments, you can:

    • Get natural looking results – still look like you!
    • Restore facial volume for a youthful look
    • Erase fine lines and wrinkles



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Dermal fillers can be used on the face, neck, décolletage or backs of hands to revitalise and refresh the overall appearance of your skin and improve the appearance of lines, acne scars, volume loss and other facial imbalances.

How do dermal/facial fillers work?PlusMinus

Most modern non-permanent fillers are made of Hyaluronic Acid (HA), a naturally-occurring substance found in the body which helps hydrate and add volume to your skin. When we’re born, we have huge stocks of HA in our skin, providing the structure and support to keep young skin plump. However, as we age, the natural replacement of HA is reduced so we don’t get the benefits of HA’s moisturising and plumping effects. As such, we begin to see wrinkles and loss of volume.

At DestinationSkin, we use temporary Hyaluronic Acid based filler Juvéderm, produced by market leading aesthetic brand, Allergan. By injecting the HA filler below the skin’s surface, the treatment helps to replace the loss of volume and provide structure and support to the skin, which in turn lifts and smooths targeted folds and wrinkles.

During treatment, your Medical Injector may massage the area injected to ensure that the filler is distributed smoothly and evenly, in order to give the most natural looking results and restore balance across the face.

Treatment time is usually 30 – 45 mins, but may be up to one hour if topical anaesthetic is applied. This helps to make the treatment more comfortable for you.

Will dermal fillers work on my skin type?PlusMinus

Dermal fillers can be used on all skin types, however our thorough consultation will determine if this  treatment is right for you.

What are the benefits of dermal fillers?PlusMinus

If you are looking to address any of the following concerns, then dermal fillers will be the right treatment for you:

  • Improve cheek volume.
  • Reduce shadowing under the eyes.
  • Improve downturned mouth corners.
  • Reduce lines around the mouth.
  • Improve definition of the lips and increase volume.
  • Improve jowls.
  • Reduce the appearance of a nasal hump i.e. hook nose.

What areas can dermal fillers treat?PlusMinus

Usually dermal fillers are most commonly used on the face, for example in the cheeks, lips and chin region. However, they have also been known to be used on the body for specific concerns such as scarring.

What dermal filler results can I expect?PlusMinus

Our clinical team are all experts at achieving gentle, natural looking results, helping you age the way you want to. During the consultation, your practitioner will discuss realistic treatment results with you.

How much do dermal fillers cost?PlusMinus

Injectable treatments are a proven way to reduce signs of ageing or enhance your features, creating natural lasting results. Our team of Medical Injectors are all highly qualified to treat a variety of concerns and use only premium quality, medically approved products.

Treatment Price
Juvéderm Dermal (cheek) Fillers

Dermal fillers offer a way to reverse signs of ageing or enhance your features, creating natural lasting results.
From £245

Dermal filler results - Lower face - Before & afterPlusMinus

Dermal filler results - Eyes - Before & afterPlusMinus

How many dermal filler treatments will I need?PlusMinus

At DestinationSkin we only use non-permanent fillers, this is due to the fact the  skin is continually changing as we age. Non-permanent fillers are the safest, however results do need to be maintained.

The type of treatments and amount of product will be discussed on an individual basis at your consultation. If multiple treatments are needed, these will be spaced around every 2 – 4 weeks, until you have achieved the desired outcome. Dermal fillers typically last between 9 – 18 months.

Pre-treatment advice for dermal fillersPlusMinus

Please don’t drink any alcohol during the 24 hours before your treatment. We also advise that you avoid using aspirin or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs a couple of days before your treatment (unless they are taken for a chronic medical condition). Avoiding these medications will reduce your risk of bruising at the point of injection. Ask your medical practitioner if you have any concerns.

Dermal fillers aftercarePlusMinus

You can have Botox® treatment and continue with your day-to-day activities. However, we  do advise you avoid wearing make-up, except for mineral make-up, which we can apply in clinic after your treatment.

We also recommend that you do not go to the gym, saunas, steam rooms or swimming on the same day as treatment; you should also avoid touching the injection site.


Q: How do dermal fillers work?
A: Dermal fillers are a clear gel made of Hyaluronic Acid that are injected into various layers of the skin to treat lines and wrinkles. They can also be used more deeply, under the muscles and fat layers to restore volume or enhance features such as the cheeks, chin, lips or nose.

Q: Is the treatment painful, and what will I look like immediately after?
A: Many practitioners no longer use a topical anaesthetic (numbing) gel as the skin physiology can be altered and it may compromise the final result. However, if you are very pain sensitive, or very nervous, your Medical Injector may apply some anaesthetic cream to make the procedure more comfortable.

Q: What will I look like immediately after dermal filler treatment?
A: When the HA gel is injected into the skin to treat lines and wrinkles, the skin may become red and slightly swollen. These effects will usually settle in an hour or so. It is also possible for a bruise to occur, but this will heal in 5-7 days (or sooner if herbal Arnica is used). When the HA gel is injected into the deeper layers, there is usually much less redness and no visible swelling or other side effect seen. Often, a micro cannula (not a sharp needle) is used to inject HA fillers into the deeper layers, and apart from a small entry hole on the skin, no other marks are visible on the face. Your Medical Injector will discuss how they will inject the Dermal Filler, and the likelihood of visible marks on the skin, based on your treatment needs. In most cases, all redness, slight swelling or even mild bruising can be easily covered with makeup.

Q: When will I see the results of dermal filler?
A: The results of your HA Dermal Filler treatment will be visible immediately. Please remember, there may be some mild redness or swelling so that the final, natural result may take a few days or up to a week to see.

Q: How often will I need to repeat the treatment?
A: HA fillers usually last 6-18 months depending on the type of filler, the amount injected and the area treated. There are other factors such as your age, skin type, rate of ageing and facial anatomy profile that will also determine your specific treatment plan, and how often you will need to repeat your treatment. Your Medical Injector will discuss this with you at the time of consultation.

Q: How will I know if the side effects are normal, or something serious has happened?
A: After your treatment, the common effects are mild redness, slight swelling and possible bruising. The treatment area may feel tender to touch and all of these effects are normal, will subside in a few days, but may last up to a week. Each day everything should improve slightly and the area should look more normal and feel better.

It is very uncommon to have any serious side effects, however if you do experience any of the following, please call the clinic immediately, or if after hours, seek help from a GP or A&E:

  • swelling that is getting worse as time passes
  • increase in pain and getting more severe with time
  • skin feeling hot, redness increasing and becoming worse in time
  • skin near the treatment area or along the side of the nose looking pale/white or greyish in colour on the day or day after the treatment, and pain increasing in this area
  • generally feeling unwell in the days following your treatment

Q: What if I don’t like the results or it looks too unnatural?
A: Our Medical Injectors are experienced with all aspects of HA Dermal Fillers and the type of results that can be achieved. Dermal filler treatment is not ‘one size fits all’, and the injector will discuss the best ‘look’ for you in your bespoke, detailed consultation.  We can assure you that your treatment will be delivered safely, and in accordance with your wishes based on a thorough consultation. Dermal Fillers are a popular treatment because most people are really happy with the results. Your Medical Injector will endeavour to completely understand your expectations, however we cannot guarantee how much you will love the result!

Q: Is it safe to have any treatment if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?
A: We do not recommend that you have any injectable treatments if you suspect or can confirm that you are pregnant. We also recommend that you have completely finished breast feeding before returning for your aesthetic treatments.

Q: What can I do to ensure I get the best results from my injectable treatments?
A: Here are a few tips to optimise the outcome of your treatment:

  • Avoid having any alcohol the day before your treatment. This will help to minimise the chance of bruising.
  • In the week before your treatment, try to avoid taking aspirin, ibuprofen or any other type of anti-inflammatory medication as this will also increase your risk of a bruise occurring.
  • For Dermal Fillers – please do not plan to have any other skin treatments (peels, facials, microdermabrasion, micro needling) for 1 week prior and 2 weeks after your dermal filler treatment.
  • If you have been unwell with a cold virus, cold sore (herpes) or any other skin rash or condition, please phone the clinic to check if you should still attend your appointment. Your general medical health is important, and we are happy to reschedule your aesthetic treatment if necessary.
  • After your treatment, please closely follow the aftercare advice given to you by your Medical Injector, and please do not apply anything else to the treatment area, unless previously discussed.
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