• Collagen Boosting

    • Laser and IPL
    • Plumps Skin an stimulates collagen
    • Visible reduction in fine lines & wrinkles
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Our collagen booster treatments offers a safe & non-invasive way to improve visibility of fine lines, wrinkles, thread veins, age spots and any other signs of premature ageing. With no down-time, appointments can be fitted into your lunch hour, helping to revive dull, tired skin around a busy schedule.

How does it work?PlusMinus

Our treatment works by warming the skin, tricking your fibroblasts into kick-starting collagen production. Collagen is essentially the building blocks of skin, the scaffolding responsible for keeping skin plump & firm. This causes wrinkles & lines to reflate & your skin tone will become more even as you progress through your course of treatments. We can also target thread veins and age spots within the same appointment using the light to target the darker melanocytes (age spots) and the blood within the broken capillaries.

What areas can be treated?PlusMinus

Face, neck & chest including crepey skin.

What kind of results can I expect?PlusMinus

Skin will look and feel plump with a visible reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, thread veins & age spots. Depending on your treatment goals, your practitioner might prescribe a course of skin peels to work in conjunction with the to smooth deeper laughter lines or wrinkles.

We can also combine this treatment to be performed at the same time to be performed at the same time as our Skinceuticals GL peel or microdermabrasion, which will gently exfoliate the upper layers of skin to achieve a deeper result.

Pre treatment advicePlusMinus

If your skin has been exposed to the sun within 4 weeks before your treatment, let your practitioner know prior to your treatment. We can’t treat anyone with a tan – real or fake. If you’re tanned, please contact your clinic at least 48 hours prior to your next appointment to seek advice on how you should proceed.

You must stop any acid based products such as Glycolic and Salicylic at least 1 – 2 weeks before each treatment.

If you have been prescribed or are taking any new medications or herbal supplements, or if anything medically changes let your practitioner know prior to your treatment.

Before and aftersPlusMinus

  • After a course of 3x collagen boosts

  • Before


TREATMENTSingle treatment

Course of 3 treatments

A thorough cleanse of your skin using cosmeceutical grade products specifically tailored to treat your concerns.

A quick non-invasive exfoliating treatment that removes ageing skin cells to reveal fresher, younger looking skin underneath.

Popular with celebrities, skin resurfacers & chemical skin peels, offer a far more effective solution to combatting dull, dry and dehydrated skin. Using highly effective acids such as retinol & glycolic to increase cellular turnover, promote collagen production and increase the skins moisture levels.
MICRO-NEEDLING (Genuine Dermaroller and Electronic Dermastamp)

A highly effective treatment using a small handheld device that stimulates collagen and increases your skins natural moisture levels, leaving you with plump, radiant and firm skin.

Using Intense Pulse light therapy, this proven technique is excellent at stimulating collagen, the foundation of young looking skin.

Laser therapy is ideal for targeting the deeper layers of the skin and helping improve deep set wrinkles and furrows.

How many treatments will I need?PlusMinus

Most clients are prescribed a course of 3+ treatments to achieve optimal results. Treatments will be spaced two weeks apart for the first two treatments & then once a month until you’ve achieved your desired results. This treatment can be preformed a couple of weeks before a special occasion to plump the skin.


After the treatment, you must avoid perfumed products, make up (excluding mineral make up), sauna’s, steam rooms and swimming for 2 days. You can wear mineral make-up immediately – available at your clinic ­– if you wish. You must avoid using products with acids, retinol and exfoliating beads for at least a week.

We recommend using Youngblood mineral cosmetics, and a psychical broad spectrum SPF such as Dermaquest Zinclear SPF to protect and prevent the further appearance of age spots. To enhance the results further we would recommend you use a product that will rebuild the skins collagen, such as DermaQuests 3D StemCell Complex.


Q: Is there any downtime?
A: Your skin may appear a little flushed after the treatment, but this will subside very quickly.

Q: What will the treatment feel like?
A: We say that the light feels like a gentle warm flick to the skin. As this treatment causes gradual heating, you will experience a general warming sensation over the whole area.

Q: Why would I have IPL instead of laser treatments?
A: IPL uses a range of wave length used to target multiple levels of the skin. This is where we can target thread veins and age spots, all within the one appointment using the same treatment.

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