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    AesthetiCare Glycolic & Taurine Acid Peel

    • Resurfaces dull skin, brightens & exfoliates
    • Little to no down time
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Our AesthetiCare G&T peel is has all the great benefits of a skin peel but with little to no recovery time, so it’s the ideal facial treatment to have performed before a special occasion or within your daily routine! This treatment is also an excellent introduction to skin peels for those who are beginners, as there are 2 different strengths to the peel that you can build up to.

With the Glycolic Acid (AHA) and Taurine ingredients it makes this peel ideal for all skin types but particularly beneficial for cell turn-over, mild pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.

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    30 mins

How does it work?PlusMinus

This peel uses 2 main ingredients – Glycolic Acid (30% or 50%) and Taurine (1%). The Glycolic Acid instantly smooths the skin’s surface creating radiance. As this acid penetrates into the skin, it stimulates the cell renewal to bring all the new healthy cells to the surface whilst exfoliating and lightening pigmentation. The Taurine is added as it has a brilliant bonus of being an Anti-Oxidant!

Throughout your journey with us we can build up the intensity of the peel meaning you can see a noticeable improvement with each treatment.

What concerns does this peel treat?PlusMinus

Due to the nature of the ingredients its ideal for Anti-Ageing, Mild Pigmentation, Dull Skin and Post Acne Scarring but is great for any skin type. It would be great to start with this treatment before you progress on to our more advanced peels – to strengthen the skin and get the optimum results.

Why should I have this treatment?PlusMinus

The G&T peel (30% or 50%) is specifically designed for those with concerns of ageing, fine lines and wrinkles and general dullness. It uses glycolic acid and Taurine to stimulate cell renewal, instantly improving the texture for skin that has a slightly thicker appearance. It lightens surface pigmentation and smooths post inflammatory scarring left over from acne. Throughout your treatments, skin will become firmer, hydrated and even in skin colour.

What areas of my body can be treated?PlusMinus

This treatment is designed for the facial areas however if you wish to have your body treated please speak to a member of our team who would be happy to recommend the right treatment plan.

What results can I expect?PlusMinus

This treatment is quick enough to be done in your lunch break. You may have slight redness straight after the treatment however this will subside within a few hours. Your skin will immediately feel smoother and look brighter.

How many treatments will I need?PlusMinus

Depending on your concern, the number of treatments will be advised in your consultation. A course of 6 treatments every 2 weeks is highly recommended to get optimum results. The stronger we can build your skin means we can increase the intensity of your peels.

How much does a G&T peel cost?PlusMinus

TREATMENTSingle treatment

Course of 3 treatments

A thorough cleanse of your skin using cosmeceutical grade products specifically tailored to treat your concerns.

An exfoliating treatment to brighten dull, tired skin and smooth away signs of lines or wrinkles. Great for fine scarring, congested skin and blackheads.

Popular with celebrities, skin re-surfacers and chemical skin peels offer a far more effective solution to targeting the deeper layers of your skin and addressing your concerns than high street products. Individually tailored to you, the techniques and chemicals used will specifically target your concerns and the deeper layers of your skin. Suitable for all skin concerns.
From £79From £209
MICRO-NEEDLING (Genuine Dermaroller and Electronic Dermastamp)

A minimally invasive treatment using a handheld device triggering the body to rapidly produce new collagen and elastin. A Great for reducing scars, stretch marks and improving uneven complexions and skin texture.
From £129From £299

Using light and laser, these well known and proven techniques correct a variety of concerns including broken veins, sun damage & pigmentation spots,
acne breakouts and ageing concerns.
From £89From £259


You must avoid sun exposure for 2 weeks after the treatment and use a broad spectrum SPF daily. Avoid sauna’s, steam rooms, swimming and the gym for up to 72 hours after treatment. Avoid using acid based products for up to 1 week after treatment. Mineral make up can be applied after having the treatment performed.


Q: How much recovery time is there after treatments?
A: You may experience mild dryness and possible flaking from day 2 but your skin will return to normal after 5 days.

Q: Does this treatment hurt?
A: You may have slight redness straight after the treatment however this will subside within a few hours. No this treatment is not painful. You will experience a mild tingling – itchy, slight heat sensation while the glycolic acid is applied however you are cooled down after 3-5 minutes.

Q: How do I know if I’m suitable?
A: As this is a mild chemical peel, it’s suitable for all skin types.

Q: Is this treatment safe?
A: AesthetiCare are committed to providing only products that are evidence based, have an excellent safety profile and deliver natural results. You will have a skin assessment with an experienced practitioner before the treatment to make sure you are suitable.

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