• Advanced Electrolysis as a Skin Treatment

    In our clinics, we can use advanced electrolysis for:

    • Milia ‘Milk Spots’ Removal
    • reducing the appearance of facial red veins
    • Cherry spot and skin tag removal
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Advanced electrolysis is a specialised technique we can use alone or in combination with skin peels, IPL and laser treatments to work towards a flawless complexion.

How does advanced electrolysis work?PlusMinus

Advanced electrolysis can be used in several different ways, depending on the skin condition it is being used to treat.

We use a small probe and use a heat current to coagulate the blood within the vessel. Often the results are instant, but sometimes more than one treatment is needed. This is the process used for red veins and cherry spots.

Skin tags appear due to friction and often are for use on the underarms, neck and chest. We use the same process to cut the blood supply to the excess skin.  The skin tag will darken and fall away from the skin without causing trauma to the surrounding area. The same process is done for Seborrheic warts and DPNs. Milia are small hard white bumps under the skin that form from excess minerals. A good skincare programme can help prevent these; however, to remove them we use a small probe and electrical current to melt the mineral.

Alternatives to this treatment would be to lance and extract them, but this causes more unnecessary damage to the skin. Nowadays, Advanced Electrolysis is the preferred method.



Will advanced electrolysis work for my skin condition?PlusMinus

At DestinationSkin we can treat facial red veins, cherry spots, skin tags, seborrhoeic warts, Milia (milk spots) and Dermatosis Papulose Nigra with Advanced Electrolysis. We are able to treat all skin types using advanced electrolysis.

What areas of my body can be treated?PlusMinus

Almost every area of the body can be treated with advanced electrolysis, excluding the areas close to the eye and very intimate areas.

What results can I expect?PlusMinus

For facial red veins, the capillaries may disappear or appear diffused after a few minutes.

The general area will flush red and can last for a couple of hours.

For cherry spots, we recommend one to three treatments, every four weeks.

For skin tags and Milia, you will need one or two treatments. Usually one is enough but sometimes you may need treatment again after four weeks if the skin tag or milia is very large. Often if you have one milia, you will have more, we can spread treatments across appointments to achieve the desired results on all of the affected areas.

Pre-treatment advicePlusMinus

Prior to your treatment ensure sun exposure is kept to a minimum and you advise your clinic if you have had recent sun exposure. Do not use any active skincare products, including retinol, glycolic, salycylic acid products for 1 – 2 weeks prior to the treatment. Do not have any facial treatments or skin peels, for 1 – 2 weeks before treatment.

Before and AftersPlusMinus

  • Before and After - skin tag removal

  • Before and After - vein removal


How much does advanced electrolysis cost?PlusMinus

Advanced electrolysis is a non-invasive treatment used to treat skin tags, milia (milk spots) or veins. The exact time required to treat your concern will be discussed at your free consultation once your skin condition has been assessed.

TREATMENTSingle treatment

Course of 3 treatments

A quick and highly effective treatment to treat a variety of minor skin ailments including skin tags, milia (milk spots), cherry spots and veins.

Advanced laser therapy stimulates collagen within your skin, leaving you with a fresher, younger looking complexion.
MICRO-NEEDLING (Genuine Dermaroller and Electronic Dermastamp)

A highly effective treatment using a small handheld device that stimulates collagen and your body's own natural response to regenerating cells in a targeted area. Great for stretch marks, scarring and post-trauma pigmentation/skin blemishes.

A quick non-invasive exfoliating treatment that removes dead skin cells to remove skin imperfections and improve skin texture.

Skin resurfacers & chemical skin peels, offer a highly effective solution to tackling skin concerns on the body. Using active ingredients to help calm inflammation, control bacteria and clear surface oil, leaving you with clear blemish free skin.


When planning your appointment ensure you have no events where the area to be treated will be exposed for 1 – 2 weeks after treatment. We recommend that you use aloe vera or witchazel to help heal and hydrate the skin. SPF is also recommended, such as Heliocare, to protect the treated skin from UV rays.

Milia’s are often caused by excess mineral in your skincare regime. The practitioner can advise you on what products can be used to prevent further milia’s from occurring.


Q: How many consultations roughly for two large facial areas?
A: We have 3 different methods of treating red veins on the face. They can all be charged by time and prices start from £60 for a 15 minute treatment.

Q: How long before you can wear foundation on your face?
A: We can apply mineral based foundation immediately after treatment which you may also purchase and you can then use the make up throughout the next few days..

Q: Is there any recovery time?
A: Some clients will experience mild redness or swelling immediately following their advanced electrolysis, however your skin will return to normal the following day. Some light scabbing may appear.

Q: How should I prepare for this treatment?
A: You should also avoid sun exposure for 2 weeks before and after treatment.

Q: How often should I have the treatment?
A: Sometimes one session can reduce or remove your concern. However, sometimes 6 treatments are needed depending on the severity of your condition, and have a treatment once every 4 weeks.

Q: Does Electrolysis hurt?
A: Most clients describe it as a mild warming sensation. Our practitioners are highly skilled, and will adapt your treatment to suit each individual client.

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