Agera Oxygen Infusion Kit

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The Agera Oxygen Infusion Kit is great for overhauling dull, congested skin.

This Oxygen Infusion Kit is a two-step treatment that includes the Oxy Infusion Cream (30ml) which helps to remove blemish-causing bacteria and the Catalase Anhydro Gel (60ml) which works alongside this potent cream to infuse the skin with vital oxygen in order to kick-start sluggish cell renewal, leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth every time.

After cleansing | apply the Oxy Infusion Cream to the entire face and follow with the Catalase Anhydro Gel. Massage the skin gently with fingertips | combining the two products | until a foam is produced (usually after 1-2 minutes). Leave on the skin for another 3-5 minutes then remove with cool water and pat dry. Use as and when required for best results.

Oxygen Infusion Cream – Aqua (Water) | Cetyl Alcohol | Hydrogen Peroxide | Polysorbate 40 | Sorbitan Palmitate Catalase. Anhydro Gel – PEG-6 | Aqua (Water) | Glycerin | Catalase | Silica | Fragrance | Propylene | Glycol | Diazolidinyl Urea | Quaternium 15 | Methylparaben | Propylparaben


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