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    Lip Fillers can add volume, definition and balance to your lips. At our Haywards Heath Fillers clinic, our medically trained Doctors, and our board certified medical lip filler injectors, with almost 20 years of clinical experience, specialise in creating natural looking results, enhancing your lip shape to give you a beautifully balanced face.

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Tuesday09:00- 17:30
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What are Lip Fillers

Lip Fillers are a very popular, effective and safe way of enhancing your lips. If getting fuller, more defined or balanced lips is something you really want, you can trust our expertise at DestinationSkin in Haywards Heath.

We believe in only using the best products and our Juvéderm® filler is made from the naturally good, Hyaluronic Acid, rather than from silicone or collagen, which can be problematic. As our Hyaluronic Acid Lip Fillers are a naturally occurring protein, it makes it a very safe and effective way for shaping delicate lips rather than resorting to extreme, permeant measures like plastic surgery. The Lip Fillers work immediately, which is why they’re so amazing. After the treatment, you will already see visible results, with the full effect taking 7 – 14 days to develop completely.

Lip Filler treatment at our Haywards Heath clinic can address and adjust any of the following concerns:

  • Adding volume to thin lips, giving you a fuller lip
  • Create a pronounced Cupid’s bow (upper lip)
  • Define the silhouette of your lips
  • Balance uneven lips
  • Reduce fine “smoker’s” lines

Juvéderm Lip Fillers

TreatmentQuantityPrice From
Juvéderm Ultra Smile



Juvéderm Range



Where to find our Haywards Heath clinic

DestinationSkin Haywards Heath (formally Courthouse Clinic MediSpa)  is readily accessible from the local and surrounding areas; via railway (Haywards Heath Rail) & road (M23 & A23). The clinic is situated on the roundabout.
  • Train_station Haywards Heath
  • Signpost (M23 & A23). The clinic is situated on the roundabout.
  • Parking Behind the clinic on Gower Road
  • Parking NCP Harlands Road, Haywards Heath
  • Parking The Priory, Franklynn Road

Frequently Asked Lip Filler Questions

Are there any side effects after getting Lip Fillers?

The common side effects are mild redness, slight swelling and possible bruising – which are all perfectly normal when undergoing lip augmentation. The treatment area may also feel tender to touch due to the simulation of blood vessels within the lips but all these effects should subside in a few days, but may last up to a week. Each day everything should improve slightly and the area should begin to feel more normal and look much better.

What if I don’t like the results or it looks too unnatural?

You loving your results is something we cannot guarantee, although what we can guarantee is our expertise, safety and dedication at achieving your desired results. Our Haywards Heath Lip Filler medical practitioners are clinically trained and board certified professionals who will endeavour to completely understand your expectations and desires during your consultation.

By using only the highest quality Hyaluronic Acid fillers and performing only within the highest safety practices, we can help you achieve the best possible results.

Lip augmentation is a personalised and modified cosmetic procedure, one where you and your practitioner at our Haywards Heath clinic will both discuss the best ‘look’ for you and your lips. Again, we cannot guarantee you’ll love the results, but most of our clients are very happy with theirs, making Lip Fillers one of our most popular treatments.

However, if you are extremely unhappy with the results, the fillers are semi-permanent and although these cases are extremely rare, we can reverse the effects of the cosmetic procedure if needed.

What can I do to ensure I get the best results from my lip filler treatments?

Here are a few tips to optimise the outcome of your treatment:

Avoid having any alcohol 24 hours before your treatment. This will help to minimise the chance of bruising and swelling at the injection sites.

In the week before your treatment at our Haywards Heath clinic, try to avoid taking aspirin, ibuprofen or any other type of anti-inflammatory medication as this will also increase your risk of bruises occurring.

Please do not plan to have any other skin treatments (peels, facials, microdermabrasion, micro needling) for 1 week prior and 2 weeks after your Lip Filler treatment.

If you have been unwell with a cold virus, cold sore (herpes) or any other skin rash or condition, please phone the clinic to check if you should still attend your appointment. Your general medical health is important, and we are happy to reschedule your aesthetic treatment if necessary.

After your treatment, please closely follow the aftercare advice given to you by your Medical Injector, and please do not apply anything else to the treatment area, unless previously discussed.

How long does Lip Filler treatment take and is it painful?

The treatment at our Haywards Heath clinic takes a matter of minutes. Although, first the lips have to be prepped and an anaesthetic cream applied to numb the area, which takes around ten minutes. This will make the treatment as comfortable as possible. In terms of discomfort, it is a low pain intensity treatment and people find that the pain is not too bad.

How can I be sure that my lips won’t look to big or unnatural?

Our medical professionals at DestinationSkin in Haywards Heath and throughout the country are very experienced with Lip Fillers and the types of results that can be achieved during lip augmentation. The syringes come in 1ml or 0.5ml (half) sizes and the correct amount of filler will be discussed with you at the consultation.

To help you achieve the best results, the practitioner will take into account the following things when deciding how much filler to use: the natural size of the lip before the treatment, the lip to face ratio, the age and face shape of the client. It is not always the case that a half syringe (0.5ml) is the best option even for a light enhancement, yet you and your specialist will discuss these options thoroughly before performing the treatment.

Is it a good idea to bring in images of the type of lip I would like to have?

Yes, it is very useful for the Medical Injector at our Haywards Heath clinic to see any pictures of lips that you like. Please remember that not all lips are the same, and a particular lip shape or size may not be suitable for your face. We can’t always give you the same lips as Kylie Jenner but the best ‘look’ and realistic result for you will be discussed during your consultation.

How will my lips look after the treatment?

As soon as the filler has been placed, the Medical Injector will show you the result. This will be an almost accurate idea of how your lips will look. Although, there is usually a small amount of initial swelling, and this will increase for the next 12-24 hours. The day after the treatment at our Haywards Heath clinic, your lips may be quite swollen and look too big or unnatural – this is completely normal and will only last 12-24 hours, so don’t worry. There is no way to avoid this swelling, so we recommend that you allow for this when planning your day after the treatment, particularly if you don’t wish for anyone to know! The risk of bruising to the lips is higher than any other areas where Dermal Fillers are used, and it is relatively common to have moderate to severe bruising. This will last 5-7 days.

When you arrive home after your treatment, apply ice/cold pack to the lips for 20 minutes. This may help to minimise or prevent bruising of the blood vessels. Taking Arnica 30cc for a few days following your treatment, will also help to clear bruising in a shorter time.

How long will Lip Filler treatment last?

Usually a Lip Filler will last up to 6 months. There are many factors that determine how long the filler will last including: the type and amount of filler used, how many times the lips have been filled before and the age of the client. The Medical Injector at our Haywards Heath clinic will give a good indication of the expected longevity of each treatment based on all the above factors.

Is much recover time needed after getting Lip Fillers?

With any injectable treatment, there is a small risk of bruising, bleeding and swelling. Our doctors and nurses aim to produce natural-looking results for each client. During the 48 hours following your cosmetic procedure, your lips may be swollen and bruised, but it should not stop you returning to your usual routine.

How are Lip Fillers different from other treatments?

Lip enhancers can provide natural looking results by adding volume, defining the shape and silhouette of the lips. The results from Lip Fillers are much more lasting than any other cosmetic products you can buy and acts like an almost permeant lips plumper. This cosmetic procedure is effective as it can be modified to help you achieve the look you want.

What happens during the treatment?

Your treatment will take place in one of our private treatment rooms at our Haywards Heath clinic, where your practitioner will cleanse the area, apply anaesthetic cream and then perform the injections. Treatments typically take around 30 minutes.

Are Lip Filler treatments safe?

We have high standards and think our products should reflect this. Each product we use is from Allergan, an internationally recognised manufacturer, who rigorously test their products. All our products are board certified for medical use and carry the CE mark.

Your safety is our top priority and our clinical team are all trained, experienced professionals who follow our safety procedures carefully. All our practitioners at our Haywards Heath Lip Filler clinic are registered with their respective governing and regulatory bodies, which include the NMC, GMC and GDC . You can be assured that all filler treatments are safe, and if there was even a slight risk a treatment wouldn’t be, we would not perform it – so don’t worry, you’re in safe hands.

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