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Why You Should Only Get Fillers at a Specialist Clinic

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Professional Clinic vs Discount Botch

Although filler treatments have become a more popular and easily accessible aesthetic procedure, the administration of filler remains an expert procedure that should only ever be performed by appropriately trained, qualified practitioners with relevant knowledge and experience, like those here at DestinationSkin.

Here we’ll tap into some of the main reasons why it is so important to visit a specialist clinic for any procedure involving fillers and injectables.

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Do you have to be qualified to administer filler?

Many clients expect that procedures such as Dermal Filler and Anti-ageing Injectables are subject to strict regulation and legal restrictions in the UK, however this is unfortunately not the case. The reality is that anybody is permitted by law to administer such medical treatments, and without professional regulation there is no obligation to take responsibility for any potentially life changing complications.

The advantages of visiting a professional clinic such as DestinationSkin for your cosmetic procedure fall under four main areas:

  • Appropriate training and qualification of practitioners mean that you can be rest assured that the treatment is being administered properly and safely.
  • Professional clinics that are regulated by the Care Quality Commission are subject to review of their safety and hygiene standards. This minimises the risk of infection and complications.
  • Professional clinics use high quality, properly licensed products whereas discounted, unqualified services often cut costs by purchasing cheaper, unlicensed alternative products that pose significant safety concerns.
  • Clinical professionals that are affiliated with a regulatory body such as the GMC or NMC are held accountable for the procedures that they perform.

Now we’ll look at some of the things that can go wrong when clinical expertise and safety are disregarded when selecting a clinic.


Dodgy filler – The Bad, The Ugly and The Downright Dangerous

The complications associated with dermal filler are related to problems that can be put into 6 main categories:

  • Volume – too much or too little filler is used for the treated area
  • Location – filler is administered in the wrong area
  • Depth – the needle is inserted too superficially or deep into the skin
  • Product – inappropriate or unlicenced products are used
  • Infection – substandard hygiene procedures lead to infection
  • Immune – the patient experiences an allergic reaction to the product

The Bad – Lumps and bumps

A common complication that occurs when dermal filler is administered improperly is the appearance of lumps or bumps under the skin. Often these appear because the injector has placed too much pressure on the syringe and administered too much filler in one area.

The Ugly – Tyndall effect

This complication arises in cases where hyaluronic acid filler is injected too superficially into the dermis or epidermis causing a blue tinge to the overlying skin.

The Downright Dangerous – Vascular complications

A very serious and dangerous complication of filler use is vascular occlusion. This can occur when the filler product is injected into either an artery or vein, leading to restriction of blood flow. If this complication is not treated as an emergency by a professional with the necessary skills and equipment, the consequences can be severe. These include severe pain, tissue swelling and necrosis and even irreversible blindness.


Regulation, regulation, regulation

Despite recommendations made by the NHS Medical Director in 2013 for all practitioners performing cosmetic procedures to be properly qualified, this is still not a requirement in the UK.

Currently, the only reliable way of ensuring that your aesthetic treatment is administered by an appropriately trained professional is to visit a clinic where procedures are performed by regulated clinicians. These include registered and licensed doctors, dentists, or nurses.

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