Where Can Dermal Fillers Be Used?

Injections of dermal fillers are one of the most popular procedures in the field of medical aesthetics, and for a good reason. The injections don’t take long to work and give you rapid results! 

Do you want to know where filler injections could help your face? Check out this list of common areas where fillers can be used.

What Are Dermal Fillers? 

Dermal fillers are a solution to ageing concerns in the face,  as they can soften lines or plump your cheeks.

Our Juvéderm® dermal fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the body that attracts water and acts as a bindant, smoothing wrinkles, creases, and scars while also adding volume to places where you wish to emphasise your face contours.

We believe Juvéderm® are the best filler for the face, as it’s the world’s number #1 filler brand.

For all your questions about dermal fillers, check out our guide blog here. 

What Can Dermal Fillers Be Used For 

Dermal fillers work to treat various signs of ageing. Depending on the type of filler used, they could be used for the following:

  • Plump up areas where the skin  is thinning.
  • Reduce or remove the shadows or wrinkles found beneath the eyes, created by the lower eyelid.
  • Fill in the shallow areas on the face, or remove the shade/wrinkles under the eyes caused by the lower eyelid.
  • Works especially well on the lower face, filling in or softening static wrinkles.
  • Fill in or soften the effect of recessed scars.

The creases around the mouth and along the cheeks are examples of static wrinkles. The loss of collagen and flexibility in the skin is the most common cause of wrinkles. 

Read on to discover these procedures in more detail. 

Dermal Fillers For Lips 

Plumping the lips may be the most well-known application of dermal fillers nowadays. 

Despite their common connotation with overfilling, lip filler treatments can be easily tailored to produce a subtle enhancement to the lips’ natural form and balance out the texture by filling in wrinkles and establishing symmetry.

Cheek Dermal Fillers 

The cheeks often lose volume with age, particularly for runners and those who engage in high-impact exercise. Fillers injected by a professional can restore volume and add a youthful appearance to the cheeks without the “face freezing” effects that Botox may cause. 

This results in a more rejuvenated and youthful appearance without the need for standard facelift surgery, which is invasive and needs a lengthy recovery period.

Dermal Fillers Nose  

Dermal fillers can now be used to smooth out any lumps or bumps in your nose without requiring any surgical intervention. 

In less than 15 minutes, fillers are injected into the nose to smooth out minor bumps on the bridge of the nose, correct a crooked line of the nose (especially in profile view), and even cartilage imperfections at the tip of the nose!

Dermal Fillers Under Eyes 

Tear troughs are the lines and hollowed effect  that appear under your eyes making you look tired.  A loss of volume in the area, a loss of tissue flexibility, or a mild reduction in bone density can all be causes of concern.  

Dermal fillers can be injected in the tear trough itself, slightly lower in the cheek area, or a combination of both to generate brighter, more rejuvenated eyes.

Chin Dermal Filler 

You can use dermal fillers on the jawline or chin to help define your jawline. Although this is only a temporary solution, it is an excellent way to see what can be achieved surgically if you are unsure of the surgical chin procedure. 

Fillers applied here will improve a patient’s side profile and make a sagging neck appear less prominent.

Dermal Fillers Forehead

Fillers, unlike Botox, which temporarily paralyses muscles to prevent movement that causes wrinkles, lessen the appearance of static lines that are apparent even when the face is at rest. 

The injections work by physically filling up the lines with hyaluronic acid, which is already present in the skin.

Dermal Fillers To Get Rid Of Scars 

Scars can leave indentations and uneven texture, and they’re especially unwanted on the face. Facial scars are a typical source of insecurity for the people who have them, even if they are barely visible to others. Dermal fillers can be used to reduce the appearance of scars and level out the texture of the surrounding skin. 

The removal of scars and the other popular uses of dermal fillers allow for a subtle and nonsurgical remedy to facial defects, often leading to an overall boost in self-confidence in those who choose this process!

Key Takeaways 

  • Dermal fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the body, smoothing wrinkles, creases, and scars while also adding volume to the face. 
  • Dermal fillers work to treat various signs of ageing and add lost volume and plumping up the desired areas. 
  • The removal of scars with dermal fillers can lead to a boost in self-confidence. 

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