• What’s the difference between laser and IPL for hair reduction?

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Well both laser and IPL produce energy through the use of light. When this energy is absorbed into the skin it heats certain elements. For hair removal we want to target the hairs root using the colour which is often referred to as the pigment within the hair to absorb the light energy and destroy the hair at the core.

Laser uses a single specific wavelength which is selected for having the best absorption into the pigment within the hair. As we target the hairs we want to cause as little heat being absorbed into the other elements of the skin, therefore our experts select the laser based upon your skin and hair type. This is also why we have 3 different machines to be able to treat all skin and hair types safely.

IPL used a range of wavelengths and is absorbed into many parts of the skin for example the water, blood and pigment (colour). The use of IPL on darker skins is not advised as it targets multiple elements it may heat up the surrounding skin around the hairs un-necessarily and cause unwanted side effects. IPL plays a part within aesthetic treatments but as it uses this range of different wavelengths it is great for the use of stimulating collagen, reducing unwanted thread veins and treating pigmentation caused by the sun however, IPL machines are cheaper and less effective for the use of hair reduction.

IPL has been previously used and still is for hair removal treatments however at DestinationSkin we want to get the best results for our clients which is why we only use lasers for the use of hair removal. There are no specifications for advertising a treatment which isn’t laser but calling it laser hair removal. Rest assured that we are using lasers and have made investments in the most up to date technology.