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Laser hair removal

What Results Can I Expect From Laser Hair Removal?

Ellie Taylor
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Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure that removes unwanted hair from the face and body in a non-invasive manner. The procedure is completed using a concentrated beam of light (laser).

But what results can you expect from your laser hair removal procedure, and how long are the results expected to last? Read on to learn more about laser hair removal.

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How Does Laser Hair Removal Work

Laser Hair Removal eliminates hair follicles and permanently alters the hair-growing environment by combining light and heat radiation. We use modern laser instruments that produce short bursts of light that can penetrate the skin’s epidermis and dermis layers.

The laser waves target visible projecting hairs on the epidermis (outside layer of skin), but they also provide flawless hair removal by reaching deep into the skin, where the hair root is located (the dermis). The laser’s light absorbs the melanin in individual hairs, converting it to heat energy, which damages the hair follicle and prevents future hair growth.

The time it takes to remove hair with a laser varies from 15 minutes to an hour for each section. If you want the full-body treatment all at once, it will take between two and three hours.

Over the course of your first few treatments your hair will become finer and will grow back at a much slower rate. After 6-8 sessions your hair should grow back minimally. Our experts will advise you on how many sessions you may need to achieve optimum results.


Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal, unlike traditional hair removal treatments such as shaving and waxing, is one of the few methods that can help you achieve long-term hair removal. With each treatment you should expect a 90% reduction in unwanted hair, with future hair regrowth being finer and lighter than before.

Other benefits of laser hair removal are:

  • It produces no rashes or ingrown hairs
  • Can be used on dark skin tones
  • It’s quick – an average session can take between 30 minutes to an hour (even less, depending on the area!)
  • Can help improve skin tone, texture and uneven pigmentation
  • An investment that pays off in the long run – no more purchases of razors, shaving creams, wax strips and depilatory creams
  • No regrowth irritation or itchiness
  • Can remove hair on many sensitive parts of the face and body
  • May help remove the appearance of varicose veins whilst targeting unwanted hair

Laser hair removal can be done on almost any part of your body including legs, back, underarms, bikini line, stomach, face. Thinking of getting multiple areas lasered? Click here to see our Laser Hair Removal summer body packages.


How Long Do Laser Hair Removal Results Last?

During your laser treatments, you will continue to see hair. Some of it will be regrowth, but the majority of it will be untreated hair.

Laser hair removal on the body can produce permanent or very long-lasting results. Any hair that does grow back should be sparse and thin over time. Laser hair removal on the face isn’t usually permanent, though it is long-lasting.

Laser hair removal before and after

After ten years or more, some people claim that their hair hasn’t grown back. Others see regrowth more quickly and require annual touchup treatments to keep undesired hair at bay.

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Here’s what our lovely clients had to say…

Laser hair removal – DestinationSkin Nantwich

“I have been undergoing laser hair removal at the clinic in Nantwich. The service is fantastic and the ladies are always very polite. I have had 4 of my 8 sessions and can honestly say I am over the moon with the results. I am very dark haired and my hair grows back very quickly (stubbly by night fall). The treatment has been a life changer for me. Going from shaving every day with ingrown hairs and rash to not shaving at all. 12 weeks and not a razor has been near my legs or bikini line.” – Gemma 


Laser hair removal – DestinationSkin Bristol

“I’ve been visiting the Bristol branch for just over a year for laser hair, and as much as I’m impressed by the results from the treatment itself I’m even more impressed by the customer service I’ve received. From the initial booking all the way up to my most recent appointment I’ve been greeted by big smiles and a warm reception. I’ve been booked with Toni for every session and can say the nerve racking experience I was expecting has actually been made as easy and as comfortable as possible with her customer service and patience within the treatment room. I would definitely recommend anyone to visit.” – Montell


Laser hair removal – DestinationSkin Manchester

“I’m so happy with my results. HydraFacial and laser hair removal services are excellent and they all worked for me. I would recommend it to everyone. The staff at Manchester DestinationSkin are so friendly and professional, especially Amy, she is my favourite. Thank you ladies!” – Tara

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Key Learnings

  • Laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure that removes unwanted hair using a concentrated beam of light
  • The procedure is usually short but can take up to three hours if a full-body session is taking place
  • Laser hair removal results are usually long term, but it will depend on the patient

Our industry-leading experts at DestinationSkin are available in all of our clinics and are fully qualified. If you are interested in laser hair removal, book a FREE consultation with us.

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