What Lip Fillers Can Do For Your Smile

Thin lips affect our smiles by exposing our gums and sliding up our teeth. People may feel self-conscious if they have a gummy smile. If you’re wondering if lip fillers hide a gummy smile, this blog will explain it all. 

Read on to discover how lip fillers can enhance your beautiful smile. 

Will Lip Fillers Hide A Gummy Smile ?

If you’re concerned about your smile because it shows too much of your gum line, lip fillers can help in two ways. Your lips will be larger and plumper, allowing you to smile without revealing your gums. Lip fillers are made out of collagen or hyaluronic acid that is injected into the lips. Both techniques result in a natural pout!

Changing Your Smile Through Lip Fillers 

Here’s what lip fillers can do for your smile. 

”Weird” Smiles

Lip fillers can improve the appearance of a goofy grin. Ask your doctor to inject the lip filler into the parentheses lines on either side of your mouth for a very dramatic transformation in your smile. This can also aid in the filling in of thin smiles and the reduction of lines around the mouth. 

It’s essential to find a professional who has worked with lip fillers before, as experience can mean the difference between a great smile and a strange one. This is because if  too much product is utilised in the wrong spot, some patients’ top lips may become overly thick.

Gummy Smiles

Some patients question if lip injections can assist with gummy grins or smiles that disclose a significant portion of the gum in the upper jaw. Lip fillers, thankfully, can help with gummy smile repair. This is accomplished by expanding the volume of the top lip, which helps to hide the gummy smile.

Make sure that your doctor balances your top and lower lips. When lip fillers are just injected into the upper lip, the lower lip will be disproportionate to the overall look of the smile.

Thin Smiles

A lip filler injection is an excellent option for those who are unsatisfied with their thin smiles. Patients with even the thinnest grins can walk away with broader, thicker smiles on both their upper and lower lips if the procedure is done correctly.

Lip filler injections, unfortunately, will not work for everyone who has a narrow grin. This is due to the reason a person’s grin is narrow: some of us have thin smiles because our lips are tiny and lack volume, while others have thin smiles because they naturally pull their upper lip inward while smiling. Lip fillers will not help people who pull or bend their upper lip into their mouth when they smile.

If you have particularly thin lips, read our blog on how fillers can enhance your pout. 

Joker Smile

Patients who suffer unexpected side effects following lip injections, such as a strange smile or a “Joker” smile, can rest assured that this is a common side effect caused by swelling after the treatment. Before you get too worked up over your strange smile, give it a week and you should see the results you wanted.

If a week has gone by and you still have a bloated “Joker” smile, you may have had too much product injected. Massage the region to let the substance dissolve spontaneously, or consult your doctor or injector about dissolving the product.

To discover the different kinds of looks you can get from lip fillers, see our visual guide. 

The Lip Fillers Procedure

To numb your skin, an anaesthetic cream may be used initially. Injections are administered to the targeted area of your face, which is subsequently massaged. It may be uncomfortable, but it should not be painful.

The lip filler procedure takes only a few minutes and is minimally invasive, but there may be some minor adverse effects. Your lips will appear swollen after the operation, and you may have some redness or a burning sensation at the injection site. 

The following is a timeframe for lip filler swelling:

  • Because your lips will be swollen for the first two days, you may feel uneasy; but this is a temporary stage that will pass.
  • You’ll probably see bruises on the third and fourth days, as well as lumps on your lips. Don’t worry; this, too, shall pass.
  • As a result, the lip filler swelling lasts for 14 days at most. If any of these symptoms continue after this, contact your doctor right away.

Read our aftercare blog to discover how to look after your lips after your procedure. 

Key Takeaways 

  • If you have a thin upper lip when you smile, lip fillers can perfectly enhance your lips to perfect your smile.
  • Lip fillers can help to fix weird smiles, gummy smiles, thin smiles, and “Jokers” smiles through a simple procedure. 
  • The lip filler procedure may be uncomfortable but not painful. After around 14 days, your lips will be plump and ready to show off.
  • Always contact our experienced medically trained staff if you have any doubts, queries or questions. 

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