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What is Hollywood laser hair removal?

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There are many styles when it comes to shaping the bikini line and in regards to Laser Hair Removal, it can be difficult to know what to ask for.

    Traditionally, there are three main styles to choose from:

  • Classic bikini line: Leaves a triangle of hair that is not visible when you wear underwear or a swimming costume
  • Brazilian: Does not remove all hair from the bikini area, usually just from the sides to create a thin strip of hair or ‘landing strip’. Can sometimes be used to refer to full pubic hair removal
  • Hollywood: Complete removal of pubic hair from the outer labia, pubic bone and the perineum


Classic vs Brazilian vs Hollywood laser hair removal

An exclusive article by YouGov revealed nearly 1 in 2 women under 35 choose to remove all their pubic hair. As many women sport a full Hollywood, Laser Hair Removal can be the perfect option for long-term results.

Hollywood Laser Hair Removal is a professional hair removal method with significant effectiveness in reducing unwanted pubic hair (90% reduction rate). There are many benefits when opting for a professional treatment route including:

  • Permanence: compared to a Hollywood/Brazilian wax, Laser Hair Removal can last months – even years for some clients – whilst waxing only lasts a few weeks
  • Appearance satisfaction: clients have reported feeling happier and confident after undergoing Hollywood Laser Hair Removal
  • Increased sensitivity and sensation during sex
  • Improved odour: pubic hair traps bacteria and produces odour – once removed, you can experience longer lasting freshness
  • No returning ingrown hairs, razor burns or stubble
  • Simplifies beauty regime
  • Long-term convenience and value for money

Laser Hair Removal works to permanently alter the hair growing environment and prevent future regrowth. It combines high quality equipment, hair growth expertise and best practices to optimise hair-free living.

For both Hollywood Laser Hair Removal and Brazilian Laser Hair Removal, the recommended course length is six to eight, with interval sessions every four to six weeks. This short term commitment guarantees long-term convivence where the benefits can be seen ten-fold.

Before the laser hair removal sessions begin, you will have a free consultation with your practitioner. The consultation is an important moment in your treatment route as it is an opportunity to discuss expectations, concerns and procedure. During this initial meeting, your practitioner will assess your hair type using dermatological tested methods to create a bespoke service to suit your hair removal needs.

We have three laser devices that will be matched to your specific skin sensitivity:

  • Diode
  • Alexandrite
  • Nd: YAG

All our lasers employee Cynosure Elite+ technology and incorporate cool application methods to minimise discomfort. Numbing agents and cooling gels can also be applied on request.

Once your initial patch test is complete you are then ready to start your Hollywood laser treatment. During a typical session, you can expect your practitioner to treat the target area with a small, hand-held laser device.

The device will emit a small concentrated light that is absorbed by the coarse, dark pigment found in pubic hair. The light energy is then converted to heat energy which damages the hair follicles and discourages future regrowth.

After each session, you can expect hair regrowth to be finer, lighter and less visible until your final session, where you can expect significant reduction in pubic hair growth.

After your hair removal treatment, it is normal to expect a level of redness, tenderness and swelling. We also recommend that for at least 24 hours, you avoid using any perfumed products, lotion and avoid exposing the treated area to sunlight.

For at least 48 hours after the treatment, it is highly advised not to participate in any strenuous exercises, go swimming or engage in gym facilities, like steam rooms or saunas.

Hollywood Laser Hair Removal is not effective on blonde, red, white and grey hairs as the laser cannot detect lighter hair pigment and will be an ineffective option. Electrolysis is more suitable.

Key things to remember

  • Brazilian Laser Hair Removal and Hollywood Laser Hair removal can both be used as tool for long-term bikini line management
  • 6-8 courses are recommended for 90% reduction of unwanted hair
  • Laser Hair Removal is safe to use on many skin types, hair tones and can effectively treat delicate, hard to reach areas
  • Permanent hair removal can help improve freshness, enhance sensation during sex, simplify your shaving routine and increase self-esteem

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