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Weak Jawline or Chin? Fillers to the Rescue

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Injectable cosmetics known as dermal fillers can be used to shape, enhance, or help you to get a sharp jawline. They can also be utilised to rejuvenate and revitalise aged skin by restoring volume.

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Read on to discover more about how to get a more defined jawline through the power of fillers.

How To Get A Jawline With Chin Filler

A chin or jaw filler procedure can assist both men and women in achieving either a more masculine or more feminine jawline, by contouring and framing the face.

While you may have been born with a weak jawline you’re unhappy with, many people’s jawlines are also impacted by the ageing process in one of two ways:

  • The jawline becomes soft and lacks definition as the skin loses elasticity and begins to sag. The mouth corners also start to droop, resulting in jowls and ‘marionette lines,’ which are creases that extend into the jawline.
  • Loss of fat tissue causes two divots along the jawline, known as the pre-jowl sulcus, which emphasise the appearance of jowls even more.

Dermal fillers can help restore collagen and elastin, two elements crucial for keeping a youthful volume and restoring the skin’s capacity to bounce back when used to treat the signs of ageing around the jawline. The jawline will appear narrower and lifted as a result of this.

Jaw fillers are utilised to fill in wrinkles, provide volume where it has been lost, generate a lifting effect, and hide the appearance of jowls in certain circumstances.

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Can Both Men And Women Get Jaw Fillers?

This procedure is popular among men who believe their faces are too thin or oval and are looking for a more chiselled look. Fillers are used to contour a man’s jaw by producing angles and straight lines to enhance the patient’s bone structure.

And for women who may have lost definition due to ageing and want to restore a more youthful appearance with an upward jowl lift. Fillers are used to contour a woman’s jaw by creating more delicate, feminine curves. If you’d like to learn more about face feminisation, read our full blog on it here.

What To Expect From Chin And Jaw Fillers

Jawline fillers are injected into a number of locations along the mandible (the lower jaw bone) in a series of tiny injections. Although some people may experience slight discomfort, as with any injection or a prick to the skin, these are usually not severe. A numbing topical lotion might be used to help minimise jaw sensation if this is the case.

Dermal fillers can be used to shape, define, and enhance the lower facial features while also helping to reduce the appearance of loose skin and a double chin.

This chiselling effect can be more pronounced in men. Jawline fillers can also generate an angle that ranges from mild to dramatic for ladies, based on their desired facial shape.

How Long Does Jaw Filler Last

Dermal fillers are only temporary since they are formed of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring material in your body. Hyaluronic acid, or HA, binds to water in your skin and integrates with your facial tissue to give you a natural-looking result.

Dermal fillers are not permanent since enzymes in the body break down HA over time. Fillers that are thicker and used for augmentation of the cheeks, chin, or nose can last up to two years. Most high-quality fillers should last for at least a year.

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How Much Does Chin Filler Cost

After a consultation with our expert consultants, you will receive the exact price of what dermal fillers will cost for you, depending on your skin type and how many sessions you’ll need. You can expect prices to begin at £299.

Key Takeaways

  • Dermal fillers are an injectable cosmetic procedure used to enhance, sculpt and define your features or restore lost volume to ageing skin.
  • Dermal fillers can be used to make the face appear smaller and more sculpted.
  • Fillers are used to contour a man’s jaw by producing angles and straight lines to enhance the patient’s bone structure,
  • Fillers are used to contour a woman’s jaw by creating more delicate, feminine curves.
  • A naturally occurring substance called hyaluronic acid (HA) is injected under the skin for a plumping or smoothing effect in a simple procedure.
  • Fillers are not permanent, and your body will break them down over time.
  • How long they last depends on the filler’s type and thickness used and your own body’s process.

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