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UV Skin Assessments

Ellie Taylor
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Throughout our lifetime our skin is exposed to numerous elements such as the sun, free radicals (pollution), extreme weather conditions etc., and understanding exactly how healthy it is can be difficult. We can only see so much from looking in the mirror on a daily basis, but really understanding what is going on beneath our skin’s surface requires a bit more help!

This is why in recent years, skin professionals such as ourselves have begun to use the help of UV skin scanners to achieve a deeper analysis of the condition of our clients’ skin. By using these machines, not only are you able to know more about what’s happening to your skin, our practitioners are also able to better diagnose your concerns, and consequently more effectively treat you. Learn more about these fantastic machines below, and how you can have your skin assessed with us next time you’re in clinic.

A UV skin scanner is a machine that uses ultra-violet light to pick up problem areas such as sun damage, on the skin that the naked eye would not easily be able to identify. This innovative form of skin analysis allows our practitioners to see under the surface of the skin, to identify areas of pigmentation, sun damage, dryness, dehydration, oiliness and other skin conditions. This then allows the practitioners to have a better understanding of the type of treatments or products that you may need to effectively address your concerns. You can see an example of what your skin looks like under the UV sensor in the main image above.

As mentioned above, UV skin scanners are used to better understand the condition of our clients’ skin, and allows our practitioners to see through to the lower layers of the skin. This allows the practitioners to pick up conditions that may not be obvious from a more basic assessment without using the UV machine, and therefore allows them to be more informed when recommending skin treatments or products.

UV skin assessments give a visual representation of exactly where you might be experiencing specific problems and what these are, e.g. oiliness on the t-zone, acne, dehydration on the cheeks, sun damage on the nose etc. This means that not only do our practitioners know what conditions you may be suffering from, but they also know which areas need targeting, which all combines to help make your treatment or product plan as effective as possible.

Not a lot!… You simply place your head inside the machine, and the practitioner is able to sit on the other side and look through a lense to view your skin and see any of the areas outlined above. An example of one of our UV sensors being used can be seen below.

Whilst you do not need to prepare your skin with any specific products, we recommend that you arrive to your consultation without make up as this will allow our practitioners to see your natural skin clearly. However, if for any reason you do not wish to do arrive without make up, our practitioners will remove your make up in your private consultation, and you may reapply it once your skin has been thoroughly assessed under the skin analysis machine.

Not at all, the skin analysis is completely free and can be carried out during your initial consultation or at any other time during your treatment journey to assess the difference that your treatments or products may be having.

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