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Top Tips For Successfully Adapting Your Skincare Regime This Autumn

Ellie Taylor
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Dr Toni Philips, Group Clinical Director at DestinationSkin shares her insight on skincare for the changing seasons.

It’s getting chilly, the evenings are drawing in and one or two of us has probably already succumbed to switching the heating on! Autumn is definitely on its way. But, while we may be focused right now on changing up our wardrobes, it’s important to not forget our skincare as the cooler seasons can have a huge impact on its condition and appearance.

To help guide us through the transition from summer to autumn, Dr Toni shares her top 3 skincare tips on what we need to consider and the products we should have front of our cabinets.

Hydration is key

“A change in air temperature and humidity can greatly affect our skin balance and consequently how dry it looks. As the colder months set in, time spent in heated conditions indoors can affect hydration levels in the skin, causing it to peel or even crack and bleed. In more mature age groups, the lines and wrinkles can appear deeper, and the skin may develop redness due to inflammation.

“A good tip is to monitor how dry your lips are. They tend to be the first sign of dehydration, and if the lips are dry, then the rest of your skin will be too.”

Priority products

“Even the most balanced skin types can become dehydrated by late summer, so the focus for everyone is to improve hydration and support the skin with good antioxidant products more often. Hydration is restored with effective cleansing, exfoliation and the use of quality hydrators (such as ceramides, glycerine and topical hyaluronic acid.

“If there has been a lot of sun/UV exposure resulting in sun damage, then restoring hydration using these products will be super important, along with prescription (hydroquinone) or botanical skin brighteners to clear any pigmentation.”

Never forgo SPF

“UVA/UVB rays are just as strong even if you can’t see bright sunshine so it’s essential to continue using SPF even in the winter months. It’s also easier to keep up a daily SPF routine if you do the same thing all year around.”

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