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What is a Silhouette Soft Thread Lift?

Ellie Taylor
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Thread Lift

Named as the new non-surgical face lift or the one stitch face lift, the ‘Silhouette Soft ® Thread Lift’ is the latest innovation changing peoples lives. With celebrities including Meg Matthews, Sharon Davies and Gillian Taylforth shouting about this miraculous new injectable, it’s likely you’ve already seen some of its benefits. What makes this remarkable Silhouette Soft Thread Lift treatment effective is that it addresses the two main facial concerns when it comes to ageing – sagging skin, and lines and wrinkles.

What is the treatment?

The procedure uses bio-absorbable threads placed under the skin to help lift sagging skin and refresh the skins natural contours. The cones within the thread stimulate the skin’s collagen production process which build up after time, restoring the skin’s firmness and smoother appearance.


How long do the effects last?

The procedure can be done in 30 minutes, so can easily be performed in a lunch break and is virtually painless. The effects of the thread lift treatment can last up to 18 months, with impressive, natural-looking results.

What areas does it treat?

The thread lift can help improve the appearance of skin laxity, giving patients a more volumised look to the neck and face.

The treatment offers patients a subtle facial lift that looks natural, meaning they avoid more obvious waxwork look you can get from going under the knife.

  • Dropping Eyebrows
  • Sagging Jawline
  • Facial contours
  • Cheeks and cheekbones
  • Neck

What does DestinationSkin Think Of the Treatment?

Dr Toni Phillips, DestinationSkin’s Clinical Director is fully trained in Silhouette Soft ®. She attended the 2015 Worldwide Expert Meeting in Barcelona, where Silhouette Soft ® was the most talked about treatment on the beauty market, enabling two joint actions.

“This is the most exciting new treatment I have seen in my career so far. It really changes the way we can treat facial ageing, making it safe, simple and effective. This is the future for aesthetic medicine.”

Dr Toni Phillips, Clinical Director B.Sc (Melb), B.D.Sc

Is the treatment safe?

Over 85,000 treatments have been performed since the launch of the Silhouette Soft thread lift six years ago. The actual components of the Silhouette Soft are produced under numerous quality controls in the USA. Silhouette Soft ® received CE 0499 approval and the ISO 13485 standards aligned with European Directive 93/42. DestinationSkin’s prescribers of Silhouette Soft ® have undergone full training and have performed amazing results for our clients, if you would like more information you can always speak with a Silhouette soft prescriber.

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