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Birmingham Clinic Manager, Hollie, recently returned to work after spending 11 months off with her new baby girl. Hollie slotted right back into her old work routine, but found her skin was still taking a back seat and was screaming out for a bit of TLC! Read more about Hollie’s journey below, and how she got her glow back.

“Returning from maternity leave after managing for 5 years here in the Birmingham clinic means not only has my identity as Hollie rather than “Mommy” come back to me, but my skin was also crying out for her identity to be claimed again! Naturally, being a busy mom, my skin had been neglected for the 11 months I was off for, so I knew once I was back at work, my skin would be back to its normal health too!

I returned with little pigment concerns (a lot of pigment can be triggered with post-pregnancy hormones) but mostly I found I was suffering from congestion, open pores and just lacking in my usual glow.

I’ve had a combination of treatments since being back; I started by having IPL Collagen Boosting treatments with Microdermabrasion to help with congestion and improvement of my skin’s collagen production and elasticity, followed by EDS for my open pores, giving me a better overall appearance and that glow back again. It really has done that, I feel even more like me again!

I now use DermaEnergy Clean with Envy cleanser, Hydrate and Inflate B5, Refine Over Time Retinol – alternate nights (we should all be using Vitamin A over the age of 21!) and Serve and Protect SPF, so far, so good for having my skin back… I can’t wait to see it continue to improve!”

We think Hollie’s skin is looking fabulous since returning to work, and her commitment to a new routine just goes to show that you can achieve the skin you’ve been dreaming of with consistency and  quality treatments! If you’re a new mum and Hollie’s story resonates with you or perhaps you feel like you’ve lost your glow, fill in the form below to book your free consultation with one of our skincare experts who will help you feel more like you again!

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