The Lowdown on Retinol Peels

We’ve all heard the word ‘retinol’ being banded around skin care circles but when it comes down to it. How many of us actually know what a retinol treatment is? DestinationSkin are here to sort the fact from the fiction!

Who is a Retinol Peel for?

A Retinol Peel is ideal for those wanting to rejuvenate, hydrate and refresh their complexion. It also effectively prevents acne flair ups and helps to clear the skin of this condition.

What is a Retinol Peel?

The Advanced Retinol Peel we offer is from DermaQuest and is a mild to moderate peel, suitable for most skin types. It is particularly ideal for those with acne, pigmentation and who want to reduce visible signs of ageing.

Now for the ‘sciency’ bit…This treatment contains retinol, which is a form of vitamin A and encourages the growth of skin cells once it is applied to the skin. Due to its small molecular size, retinol is able to penetrate into the deeper layers of your skin. This is where the live skin cells reside and the retinol gives them encouragement to grow, meaning that there are more skin cells able to move towards the surface of the skin and renew the dead or dying cells.

Put in plain terms, Retinol Peels help maintain the general appearance and health of the skin and are particularly effective on acne prone skin. The retinol unclogs pores and reduces acne outbreaks by allowing the cleansed skin to heal.

This treatment is also fantastic for anti-ageing and can minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, boosting the skin’s elasticity and plumpness and slowing down the breakdown of natural collagen.

What are the main benefits of a Retinol Peel?

Skin will be hydrated and feel more even on the surface due to the boosted amount of fresh skin cells now on the surface of the skin. Acne flare-ups will be calmed and symptoms reduced. You will notice both short term and long-term benefits after this treatment.

Is it right for me?

The Advanced Retinol Peel is suitable for most skin types but is particularly effective on ageing and acne prone skin. To find out if the Advanced Retinol Peel can benefit your skin, book a free consultation with one of our registered practitioners.