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    Me & My Problem Skin – Pumpkin Skin Peel

    A member of DestinationSkin shares her personal story of acne and how pumpkin peels helped her

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I’ve always had problematic skin, suffering from my early teens with mild acne. I always have had a high amount of oil on my t-zone and my lower face is quite dry despite this area having the most congestion.  Most of my problems are due to hormones and it’s always been quite difficult to control my outbreaks. I have always had a great routine at home, learning very quickly I would never be that person who could fall asleep in my make-up (unless I wanted to wake up to several new angry looking spots as punishment).

Unfortunately, despite looking after my skin with a great routine at home, I have always been left with constant breakouts and I’ve realised its more about controlling what appears when my skin does decide to flare up.

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As I’ve grown up my skin has become easier to manage but I’ve still never been clear of congestion and hormonal spots around my chin and cheek area. I’ve been left with red scarring over my cheeks with a small amount of pitting that makes my skin look uneven without make up.

My First Pumpkin Skin Peel

When I started at Destination Skin, the Dermaquest pumpkin skin peel was the first treatment recommended to me by fellow team members. They explained this facial would help to deep clean the congestion and begin the process in clearing my skin while also working on surface pigmentation.

The Primary and Power Pumpkin skin peel is specifically designed for those who suffer with acne and enlarged pores. It uses a mix of pumpkin pulp, salicylic, glycolic and lactic acid to stimulate cell renewal improving the texture for skin that has a slightly thicker appearance. It also has an antibacterial effect to treat active spots while correcting surface pigmentation to improve tone.

I was quite excited to get started with these facials and started to introduce products into my routine that would help prepare my skin as I had never used cosmeceutical products before starting with Destination Skin. By using these it meant I’d receive the maximum benefits for my skin when it came to my actual treatment.

One of my favourite products introduced into my facial routine was the Dermaquest BHA cleanser. It is a mild exfoliator to reduce blackheads and inflammation, I started to use this at night and noticed the oil that would normally sit on my skin started to lift and dry skin was exfoliated away. It leaves my skin feeling really clean so I can apply serums without thinking I still have a layer of oil or dry skin preventing maximum benefits.

Dermaquest Pumpkin Peel Back Peel Treatment

The great thing I found about this facial is that you can work up from slightly gentler to stronger levels, so you are always progressing in your treatments to gain the best results suited to your skin.

For my first treatment, I started on a gentler peel to familiarise my skin to the treatment. When the actual product went onto my skin, I started to feel my face tingle very slightly with a little bit of heat. My practitioner told me how long the peel would be left on my skin and she constantly checked to see how I was reacting to the product, so I felt really looked after and comfortable.

I was warned I might go a little bit pink with this treatment, and once the product was removed and neutralised, the heated Dermaquest Pumpkin Peel being performed sensation went completely, which left my skin feeling tight. Looking in the mirror after my first treatment, I was quite flushed, but this went down after 10 minutes and I could already see my skin was glowing.

You can experience some mild peeling after a few days of this treatment, I found I had this mainly around the mouth and jawline but it wasn’t extreme and completely manageable and was back to normal within a week. It was quite exciting to see some of my dry skin lift with clear skin underneath – even after one treatment my skin felt smoother.

A course of these treatments guarantees the best results, the first 6 treatments are done every 2 weeks and then followed by maintenance treatments after that.

I’ve been really happy with the results of this facial and can see why it’s such a popular treatment. My skin is much clearer – I’ve found my greatest result has been in the texture of my skin as it’s not as raised and bumpy as it was.

I still have outbreaks, but they are more controlled and with maintenance treatments I can now make sure I’m not left with any scarring while addressing active spots quickly before they get worse.

What type of acne do I have?

Acne can be frustrating, but there are many treatment options available. The best place to start your fight against acne is by figuring out what kind you have & then speaking to a skin specialist at DestinationSkin…


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