• Why Obagi Blue Peel Worked For My Acne



We had a one on one session with our very own practicing Manager Hannah from DestinationSkin Bristol about adult acne. Having been with the company for over 2 years, Hannah has had to deal with adult acne before her time at DestinationSkin and after trying everything under the sun, the Obagi Blue Peel was her skin savior….



Have you always had acne, even before your time at DS?

Bit of a mixture yes and no. I never had acne or congested skin when I was at school, and then I picked it up as I got into my 20’s. I put it down to hormonal acne along with different allergies I picked up later into adult hood. My skin got quite sensitive with the allergies and I noticed my skin got even more congested around this time.

Even though I would put the acne down to hormones I would still get breakouts in between. This was mainly on my forehead which was congested with the occasional spots on my cheeks and around my chin.

What products did you try before and did you have any treatments?

I tried Clinique, estee lauder, elemis in the past but nothing really worked for me. It’s been a long time since I used those products but they didn’t work for me and my skin. They were mostly oil balancing products which I thought would work on my congestion and get rid of the excess oil but that wasn’t the case. I didn’t try any treatments and just stuck to products at the time from the high street, but again they just didn’t work for me.

You told us that you swear by the obagi blue peel, why is that?IMG_5656

Because of my skin type and allergies I used the obagi blue peel radiance as the other peels wouldhave irritated my skin. The girls in clinic are very thorough and I told them about my allergies so I had  patch tests for the peels (on my arm) to test for irritation.

The obagi peel has just salicylic acid which is really good at getting rid of any excess oil & really help to clear the pores, which is just what my skin needed. My skin needed something nice and strong to get rid of everything. I had flaking and dryness for a few days after my first treatments and then after this, my tolerance grew and I didn’t have any effects. It was just going to show that it works. I had one the other day and my skin went back to normal and looks really bright and vibrant.


How many treatments did you have and what products did you have in-between treatment?

I had a treatment a month for about 3-4 months at the beginning to clear my skin and then one every 6 – 8 weeks. I’d have them as and when needed just when I could start to see my skin getting more congested and needed a bit more of a clear up. Another good thing about the obagi blue peel is that it is good for a one off skin treatment to decongest the skin before any occasions. If your hormones increases congestion around events or any time when you need clear skin then it’s a good treatment for that. Even when your skin is looking or feeling really clogged and needs a good exfoliation, the salicylic will target that and bring out the oil and decongest the skin. All good really.

Product wise I used a mixture of products following the DS product philosophy with products suited to my skin type and treatments I was having


  1. CLEANSE   – Agera ultra mild cleanser,
  2. PREVENT   – SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF
  3. HYDRATE   – Skinceutcials B5
  4. PROTECT    – Skinceuticals UV Defence


Hannah Producst


You said you moved onto mineral make up, why is that?

I wanted good coverage but had to move away from chemical foundations as they weren’t doing my skin any good. I moved onto Youngblood mineral foundation which gave me more than enough coverage & in all honesty all that I really need. I do wear chemical foundation now and then but I stick with my mineral make up for everyday use.


Any recommendations or suggestions to anyone with acne?

If you have hormonal acne then it’s all about control as it will unfortunately come back again and again. It’s also about getting to know your skin and what you had do to help control it. So as long as you speak to someone who will help you limit congestion at the right times and getting your skin under control then (as cheesy as it sounds) you will have control. So even if you do get one or two spots, your skin won’t progress into a bad condition.



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