• The Non-Surgical Face Lift explained

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Today we’re meeting Dr Meriem Martins to talk about the revolutionary Non-Surgical Face Lift technique

Dr Meriem photo

Dr Meriem, MBBS, PG Cert in Non-Surgical Aesthetic Medicine, MBCAM is our leading Non-Surgical Face Lift expert and a resident injectables specialist for our Basingstoke clinic. She also consults and supports the wider injectables team, sharing her knowledge and expertise across our clinical network

Interview: Shannon Loane, Brand Manager at DestinationSkin.

So tell us a little bit about you Dr Meriem– what brought you to the world of advanced skincare?

Well, it’s not perhaps the path you’d expect! I started out as a Paediatrician, and worked with young people for 14 years. Ready for a new direction, I retrained in Cosmetic Dermatology in 2000, gaining a postgraduate degree in Non-surgical Aesthetic Medicine from Queen Mary University of London.

What are your professional interests?

For me, it’s natural facial contouring and volume replacement. Professionally, I’m interested by the use of the most innovative facial rejuvenation techniques to provide a tailored whole-face treatment and deliver outstanding but natural-looking results for my clients.

Is that what people call the ‘Non-Surgical Face Lift’?

Yes – it’s a non-invasive approach to facial volume restoration that uses dermal fillers to give clients the most natural looking results. This revolutionary new technique is tailored to each client to improve the following common signs of ageing:

Non-Surgical Face Lift - Face map

This injection technique is especially effective because of the range of dermal fillers that we use:

Non-Surgical Face Lift

So, is the non-surgical facelift different to other injectable treatments?

Yes – It doesn’t just target fine lines, or deal with lost volume in specific areas – it’s a more holistic approach that allows treatment of facial volume loss caused by reduction and repositioning of facial fat and skeletal re-modelling due to facial ageing.

 Can we see some Non-Surgical Face Lift results?

These photos show one of my clients before her Non-Surgical Face Lift and 2 weeks after. The natural volume restoration seen here are typical for this treatment.

Non-Surgical Face Lift before and After

Treated by Dr Meriem. Before and 2 weeks after.

Wow – that’s amazing. How quickly will clients notice results?

You will notice the difference to facial volume immediately, which will continue to improve over the next couple of weeks.

And how quickly can clients get back to their normal routine?

Almost immediately – there is minimal downtime associated with the Non-Surgical Face Lift. As with all injectable treatments, we advise clients to avoid touching the area or wearing make up for 12 hours following the treatment (unless mineral based make up) to avoid the risk of infection. You may experience temporary redness or tenderness around the injection site.

So all in all, the Non-Surgical Face Lift really is a revolutionary technique?

Yes, you’re right, it is. This technique takes facial enhancement and revitalisation to a new level, offering Destination Skin clients the most natural looking and longest lasting results whilst maintaining their own natural, balanced look.

Thanks Dr Meriem – it’s amazing to see just how much injectables have advanced in recent years and how accessible these treatments are for clients. The difference is outstanding but so natural.

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