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Naughty and nice skincare tips with Dr Toni Philips

Ellie Taylor
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With Christmas just around the corner, we caught up with Dr Toni Philips, Group Medical Director at DestinationSkin who shared her naughty and nice skincare tips to help you and your complexion through the festive season.

1. Remember to remove your makeup!

With lots of partying going on, it can be easy to forget to remove your makeup before your head hits the pillow. If you don’t, (because we’re not all perfect) use a nice granular scrub or something with salicylic acid in if you have oilier skin. Then try to return to your normal skincare routine

2. Stay hydrated

We all know how fun drinking alcohol can be but it can really dehydrate your skin. Try to remember to have more water in between your drinks at christmas especially if you’re having quite a few nights out.

3. Limit your sugar intake

Similarly, we all love eating lots of treats over the festive period, on christmas day we might even over indulge! Just remember that sugar is really detrimental to your collagen production and can actually age you more if you have too much. So try to watch your sugar intake and after New Year, have a little detox period where you try to have as little sugar as possible just to give your skin a little bit of a break.

4. Visit a DestinationSkin clinic!

If your skin has flared up over the Christmas period, visit us at one of our DestinationSkin clinics across the UK to get your complexion back on track for 2022. Whether you’re in need of a HydraFacial to get glowing again or a skin peel to help clear congestion, we have the solution to your skincare needs.

Our lovely practitioners will be able to advise on the best treatment for you during your consultation. Click here to book yours today!

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