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Lip Filler Shapes & Styles: Get Your Perfect Lips With Fillers

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While having a lush pout is desirable, a slew of overly injected celebrities have tarnished lip augmentation. In Hollywood, the ‘trout pout,’ or overfilled lips with a fish-like appearance, is becoming prevalent and often puts people off lip fillers. But your lips don’t have to look like this.

If you’re unclear about which lip shape you’d like, we discussed the basic rules for lip forms and the shapes you should consider before your fillers below.

Lip Filler Shape Guide

The Vermillion Dollars Lips (VDL) grading system was developed to assist patients in finding their perfect lip shape and size. Classic, Rubina, Cupid, Pearlique, Hollywood, and Angelic are the six fundamental lip styles on the VDL chart.

This kind of lip augmentation is subtle, yet it results in a definite development of all five natural planes in the lips. This style is preferred by women who have lost volume due to ageing or desire a slight augmentation.

The whole of the lips are fully expressed in Rubina lips. Rubina lips are very dependent on the face structure of the person who wants to achieve this look. This can be an appealing style if they have enough length in their face from the bottom of their nose to their chin.

Cupid shape is the most uncommon of all lip forms. The Cupid lip shape gives a very strong young appearance. This is because pre-adolescent women have a pronounced Cupid lip shape.

This lip style draws attention to the bottom lip (specifically the two teardrops that make it up). The Cupid style is the polar opposite of Pearlique. A more youthful, voluminous look is obtained by accentuating the two teardrop shapes. Pearlique can be blended with other looks because it is limited to the lower lip. Pearlique is an excellent match for looks like Cupid and Rubina.

The Hollywood look is perfect for women who want to draw attention to their lips without having to show off their entire top and lower lip. This look is widely seen on screen and in the entertainment industry.

This lip style enhances all three upper lip forms, including the two tapering rhomboid shapes and the half-bucket in the centre. This will give you the big lip filler shape you’re looking for.

Another full expression of the top lip is an angelic shape. This lip shape enhances the lateral edges of the upper lip in particular. It elongates and forms the upper lip like angel’s wings, an attractive form for patients with a larger volume in the upper lip mixed with a narrow lip length.

There are variations on each of these lips; the best way to get your desired lip shape is by bringing a picture to your consultation.

Natural Looking Lip Fillers

If you’re looking for a subtle lip filler, then a smaller injection will work perfectly for you. If you’re worried about “the fake look,” a 0.5ml all-over application might help. It delivers stunning results without overdoing the augmentation.

A 0.5ml injection will generally be adequate if you only want to fill one lip to make it look bigger or fuller. The majority of the derma filler will be used to fill in the thin area of concern, with any remaining filler shaping and contouring the rest of the lips.

For natural-looking lips with filler, we wouldn’t advise you to go above 1.5ml; A 1ml injection will provide you with all-over augmentation while maintaining your natural appearance. This size will volumize both the top and bottom lip, providing the appearance of a plump, full lip.

Key Takeaways

  • There are six fundamental lip styles; Classic, Rubina, Cupid, Pearlique, Hollywood, and Angelic.
  • The best way to get your desired lip shape is by bringing in a picture to your consultation.
  • With a filler, you can achieve natural-looking lips; just use a smaller injection to achieve a realistic result.
  • Always contact our experienced medically trained staff if you have any doubts, queries or questions.

Still have some questions? Click here to see Medical Director, Dr. Toni Phillips answer your most common queries around lip fillers.

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