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    Life-changing Laser

    We don’t need to go on and on about it; laser hair removal really  works, and it’s changing people’s lives on a daily basis!

    Read this short and sweet blog to find out how this time-saving treatment works, why it is head and shoulders above other hair removal alternatives, and best of all, how it has made a significant impact in our client’s lives.

How does laser hair removal work?

Interested in laser hair removal but not entirely sure how it works? Let us elaborate!… This highly effective treatment for removing unwanted hairs works by using targeted lasers to destroy the hair follicles beneath the skin, so they are unable to grow back. Suitable for all skin types, laser hair removal takes on average six to ten treatments every four to six weeks to be totally effective. We won’t lie and tell you it’s a quick fix, but if you commit to the time and number of sessions advised by your practitioner, we can promise it will be 100% worth it! Plus, who wants to go through the gruelling ordeal or waxing every few weeks, or spending ages shaving just for it to grow back 2 days later!?… (Not us!)

Laser hair removal VS alternative methods:

If you haven’t already noticed, we LOVE laser hair removal, and know that it is a far superior (and much more effective) treatment than alternative hair removal methods such as waxing, shaving or epilating. These methods can often include having to grow your hairs (not a cute look), discomfort during the removal stage and damage to the skin leaving ingrown hairs, which nobody can say they actually enjoy?! By investing in laser hair removal, you will save yourself heaps of time in the long run, with some areas taking as little as 15 minutes per session! Times that by the recommended 6 sessions and you’ve got 90 minutes… That’s one and half hours to be rid of underarm hair for good!

Find out on average how long you spend per year shaving and waxing, compared to how long it takes to permanently reduce hair growth with laser hair removal, in our table below.

It can take you up to 26 HOURS per year shaving your legs!! That’s valuable time that could be spent shopping, going to your fave gym class, drinking wine with your gal pals, or getting your fill of DestinationSkin treatments!

Full Legs6 sessions (75 mins per session) = 7.5 hours for permanent hair removalTwice weekly (15 mins per session) = 26 hours per yearOnce monthly (45 mins per session) = 9.75 hours per year
Full bikini6 sessions (30 mins per session) = 3 hours for permanent hair removalTwice weekly (15 mins per session) = 26 hours per yearOnce monthly (45 mins per session) = 9.75 hours per year
Underarms6 sessions (15 mins per session) = 1.5 hours for permanent hair removalThree times per week (10 mins per session) = 26 hours per yearEvery 3 weeks (20 mins per session) = 6 hours per year

How it changed these clients lives:

As we said above, we don’t need to keep going on about it, our client’s testimonials speak for themselves. Whether you just love the sound of never having to shave again, or if you’ve got more persistent concerns that have plagued you for a long time, the impact that laser hair removal can have on your life is astounding. From just saving yourself time to finally restoring lost confidence, we’ll let you be the final judge of whether laser hair removal is for you after you’ve read the below reviews:

Before and AftersPlusMinus

  • Underams after 3 treatments

  • Bikini after 3 treatments


If you’ve still got questions on laser hair removal that you want answering, head over to our other blog that does just that!… Answering your laser questions covers the most frequently asked questions that we receive on this treatment, and if you still have more burning queries, submit them in the form below and one of our expert team will get back to you!

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