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Birmingham Practitioner Kacy began her journey at DestinationSkin as a self-confessed ‘beauty junkie’ who believed the thicker the cream, the better! 15 months later and Kacy now understands what her skin needs, and shares her favourite skincare products with us!

“After working for other cosmetic companies prior to joining DestinationSkin 15 months ago, my knowledge and understanding of skin and products has certainly changed and improved! I was that beauty junkie that thought the thicker the cream the better it would work on your skin. I’d think, “it’s winter after all, it’s what my skin needs”. Little did I realise after being educated about the amazing Dermaquest Advanced B5 Serum, I was so wrong! I applied the B5 and thought “no way, it’s a gel its texture is so light I don’t think that will hydrate my skin how it’s supposed too”. I started to see the results slowly but thought “what if I go back to my thicker creams?” I did exactly that and wow did my skin tell me off for doing so! Never again will I think a thick cream is the answer to hydration!

I have previously been a sufferer of Eczema too so finding the correct skincare is vital for me, and that’s what I’ve found since working at DestinationSkin. I use AM/PM Epionce Gentle Foaming Cleanser followed by Advanced B5 (my superhero), Epionce Lytic TX (game changer for my skin) and Epionce Ultra Shield SPF 50. I have been so impressed with how the Lytic TX works on both my skin, and my clients. It instantly calms and soothes any irritation and clears imperfections. So when I have partied too hard or drank one or two many rosés then this product gives my skin the beauty sleep it really needs!”

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