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HydraFacial for Rosacea: Does it Work?

Ellie Taylor
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Imagine a facial that not only brightens and makes you look younger, but also improves rosacea… Wait a minute – you don’t have to! That very facial is called a HydraFacial and below is everything you need to know about how it works to target and reduce the symptoms of rosacea.

Rosacea is a common skin condition and usually goes hand in hand with sensitive skin. It is identified by:

  • Persistent redness
  • Itchy and tight skin
  • Visible broken blood vessels on the skin’s surface that don’t go away
  • In some cases, developing of bumps, papules and pustules (acne rosacea)
  • Increased sensitivity to skin care products and weather variations

It is, unfortunately, a chronic skin condition – but with great developments in pigmentation treatments, like HydraFacial, it can be managed easily.

How are HydraFacials good for rosacea?

HydraFacials are a range of relaxing, professional facials that can be used to treat a number of skin concerns. As a way to treat rosacea, it has restorative, anti-inflammatory abilities to help reduce redness whilst simultaneously diminishing fine lines and wrinkles (which is just an added bonus really).

HydraFacial works in six steps and within each step it helps to encourage long term healthy skin, correct uneven facial pigmentation and leave your skin glowing.

The six stages of a HydraFacial treatment are:

  • Detoxify
  • Cleanse and Exfoliate
  • Brighten and Refresh
  • Extract
  • Hydrate and Nourish
  • Stimulate and Rejuvenate

So, how does it work? Let us explain…

HydraFacial helps rosacea because it uses massage techniques, vortex fusion technology and contains skin renewing ingredients that help to soothe inflamed, red skin and correct uneven pigmentation.

The first step of HydraFacial is massage-based to help improve natural circulation of the lymphatic system. This helps to increase blood flow and oxygen levels in the skin which may relieve the tightness often experienced with rosacea. By also encouraging the fast removal of toxins and waste through the lymphatic system, it may reduce the development of bumps and spots experienced alongside chronic redness.

The other stages of HydraFacial, like the cleansing and exfoliating stage, work to remove dead skin cells and promote an overall stronger skin health which always makes your complexion look brighter.

As certain exfoliants can irritate rosacea, and worsen redness, this step is a very gentle process that contains natural botanical extracts and ingredients to nourish the skin. Some of these ingredients used are:

  • Lactic acid – an alpha hydroxy acid specifically used to treat hyperpigmentation and uneven complexion
  • Glucosamine – for regenerating skin cells, improving hydration and inhibiting the developing of red pigmentation
  • Antioxidants – to repair, and reduce inflammation, of the skin as well as fine lines and wrinkles

During stages 3, 4 and 5, you can expect your skin to be deeply clarified and all the impurities removed. Then your skin will be rehydrated and flooded with essential brightening agents, more antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid to leave your skin feeling rejuvenated and glowing.

These steps help to reduce the appearance of rosacea, as they work to restore the pores to their normal size – which can improve the appearance of visible blood vessels. HydraFacial’s gentle skin resurfacing properties also help fade away the redness.

In the final stage of HydraFacial, a hand-led, infrared light device is passed across the skin which has large benefits in pigmentation correction. The light energy targets and accelerates the repair of broken blood vessels and helps to prevent excessive flushing which are prominent symptoms of rosacea.

Whilst all standard HydraFacials will help rosacea, there are more targeted facials available specifically for rosacea. The best facial for rosacea would be the Circadia Protect Plus Booster from our new HydraFacial Platinum range.

The Circadia Protect Plus Booster is essentially an upgraded, elevated HydraFacial with the added benefit of a powerful Circadia serum. This booster is formulated especially with antioxidants and reactive oxygen species that have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties to help target tone, texture and reduce redness of rosacea.

This HydraFacial also helps to protect your skin against the elements as fluctuating weather conditions can trigger a flare.

Some other helpful treatments can be:

  • Skin peels are another form of non-invasive treatment to target redness
  • For severe rosacea, laser resurfacing treatments can significantly help in dissolving prominent blood vessels

Extra tips for managing rosacea

  • Know your rosacea triggers – some common influences are spicy foods, coffee and alcohol
  • Always wear sun protection: SPF 30 + every day is recommended to avoid an aggressive rosacea flare
  • Green-tinted makeup primers and BB creams can help disguise facial redness and can act as a temporary cover up

If persistent redness affects your daily life, book a free consultation now to begin creating your very own personalised HydraFacial treatment.

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