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    How to improve congested and clogged skin

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One of the most frequent questions our skin specialists are asked is how to improve congested and clogged skin. This article offers expert guidance on treatments for clogged and blocked pores and changes to your routines that can help with these issues.


What causes congested skin and clogged pores?

Congested skin and clogged pores on your face are caused by a buildup of trapped dead skin cells. The causes include:

  • Natural skin cell death and renewal
  • Grime build up
  • Build up and release of toxins in the body
  • Poor cleansing routine, including not removing make-up properly
  • Environmental factors, such as pollution.

When these dead skin cells mix with the skin’s oils and other dirt and toxins, the cells are blocked into the pores. This results in large pores, blackheads and a dull and uneven complexion. If untreated this blocking can lead to acne and whiteheads.

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How to treat congested and clogged skin

There are a number of simple treatments and fixes you can do to treat congested and clogged skin. To make sure you get the optimum results, we would also recommend consulting an expert clinician.

You can improve congested skin and issues with clogged pores by:

1. Identifying the causes of your particular skin issues with the help of a qualified professional.

2. Adapting your diet to improve nutritional levels and drinking plenty of water to hydrate your skin.

3. Regularly using a clinically recognised product for congested skin or a clogged pores treatment such as a chemical skin peel

4. Avoiding touching your face too often.

5. Cleaning makeup utensils, flannels and towels well and regularly.

6. Establishing a daily skincare regime that suits the individual needs of your skin including a gentle exfoliant with small beads or grains. Avoid harsh cleansers that will strip your skin of its natural moisture and opt for a reputable soap-free cleansing gel instead.

Never be tempted by untested, dubious skincare products or clogged pores treatments. Sadly, there are many on the market that falsely promise solutions to congested and clogged skin that are at best a waste of money, and at worst a risk to your health.

We hope these tips have helped you identify some changes you can make to your regime and lifestyle to help improve congested and clogged skin.

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