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How To Get Rid Of Skin Tags

Ellie Taylor
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Skin tags! They are annoying, embarrassing and a nuisance, especially when they have set up camp on your neck, back, chest, underarms and even the groin. Don’t worry though, it is not a disease, you are not growing an alien baby and you can get them removed with our help.

Skin Tags

What are skin tags?

Skin tags are in a nut shell is loose skin that is attached to the body. They are caused by friction to the skin which can be from clothing, accessories or even from rubbing skin. Men are often victim to skin tags as they are open to more friction on the skin from high collars and shirts. It’s not just clothing and necklaces which can cause skin tags, typically over weight clients find that their skin can rub against itself to cause the loose skin bumps.

How do I get rid of skin tags?

Advanced electrolysis is a removal technique which uses a high intensity current to laser off the skin tag. It simply slices off the tag which can feel like a hot pin prick or quick bee sting. The treatment will leave a small mark with where the tag used to be, which will fade away and disappear over time. As it is usually a minor area to treat, there is no need for numbing cream and you could be out the door in a half an hour lunch break.

What is the treatment aftercare?

We recommend to wear loose clothing and wearing anything which could aggrevate the area. We also recommend to take a break from necklaces now and then to prevent additional skin tags from forming. We recommend to keep the area clean and apply antiseptic for at least 5 days (2/3 times a day) and to obviously not touch or pick the area. There is the occasional process where they have to do the treatment.

There is the occasional chance where treated skin tags which are larger, dry up and fall off over 5-10 days after the treatment.

Here is our Skin Tag Summary…

  • What are skin tags? – Loose pieces of skin caused by friction?
  • How do you removal them? – Advanced Electrolysis which lasers the tag off the skin.
  • Does it hurt? – Can be described as a hot pin prick or quick sting.
  • Is there scarring? – minor mark after the treatment which will fade in time.
  • Can I return to normal life after? – yes, loose clothing and don’t irritate the area.
  • Will they reoccur? – yes but you can prevent them by stopping skin from rubbing.

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