• How to get rid of dark circles

    Dark circles under the eyes are inherently annoying. They make us question ourselves, that we’re not doing the right things: not sleeping enough, not using the right products, not eating well enough…

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Dark circles under the eyes are inherently annoying. They make us question ourselves, that we’re not doing the right things: not sleeping enough, not using the right products, not eating well enough… The probable answer is that there is a sneaky culprit responsible for making the appearance of your under eyes visibly more darker, and it’s not always what you may think…


Dark shadowing beneath the eyes occurs for a number of reasons, and no, you’re probably not actually that tired – which is a common misconception. In fact, fatigue isn’t the main cause of dark circles: Hyperpigmentation is. Hyperpigmentation causes the darkening of your under eyes and many genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors can influence and increase your proneness to them.


Some environmental factors include smoking, diet, sun exposure, seasonal allergies and poor sleep, which can result in your eye area looking darker than usual. Genetics can also play a role, as some genetic traits can give you a predisposition to dark circles, such as having thin lower eyelid skin or faster aging processes. If your eyelid skin is thin, this means that the veins beneath are more visible, resulting in a darker appearance. Your age, and your inherited genes too, often influences your disposition in a similar way, as when your skin ages it loses its natural elasticity and begins to thin, which results in blood vessels and veins becoming more evident. Hayfever, or season allergies, can also darken your under eyes as nasal congestion leads to poor circulation to the lower eyelids, which results in your veins becoming bigger and darker – known as dilated veins.


Now we know why dark circles occur, what we want to know is how to get rid of them! Although, you cannot change your genetics, there are a few handy lifestyle tips can help lessen their appearance:


Live well

The oldest trick in the book, the golden rule, le pièce de résistance… Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is always a first for getting better skin. This means keeping regular sleeping patterns, around 7-9 hours a night, and upholding a nutritious diet, which can both help improve your overall skin and health condition which never does any harm!


If you have reoccurring skin problems, you should take a look at your diet and see if there’s any foods that can help, for example:


  • Foods rich in Vitamin K (leafy greens, spinach, broccoli, spinach) can help stimulate blood circulation, which can help lessen dark areas under the eyes and make the appearance of veins less prominent


  • Vitamin C (melons, oranges and tomatoes) are good for reducing acne breakouts and can elevate scarred, irritated or damaged skin


  • Onion, garlic and corn can help maintain the skins elasticity (which can help reduce any dark circles)


  • Omega-3 Acids (salmon and walnuts) can help sooth any inflammation and fights blemishes


For reducing dark circles, making small lifestyle changes can make all the difference! By increasing your intake of fresh green veggies, not drinking as much caffeine and saying no that evening glass of red, can all help lift a darkened appearance. Basically, to put it simply – whether it’s quitting smoking or exercise – doing anything you can to make yourself healthier will help improve dark under eyes!


Try something new


If your skincare products aren’t doing anything to help lessen dark circles, a new regime is long overdue. Shop now. They’re so many different products out there and it can be a bit overwhelming if you are unsure what will work, we recommend looking for products with the following ingredients:


  • Caffeine  – with its anti-inflammatory and vasoconstrictive properties, it helps to narrow the blood vessels and calm the skin, temporarily reducing under eye bags


  • Hyaluronic Acid  – the holy grail of skincare products, Hyaluronic Acid is the ultimate anti-ageing ingredient, it helps to firm, smooth and reduces the appearance of fine lines – and it’s all natural


  • Tri-peptides  – the foundation of the skin, formed of proteins such as Collagen, Elastin and Keratin, which are responsible for maintaining the skins texture, strength and resilience


  • Ceramides  – helps form, and protect, the skins barrier against irritants and pollutions whilst also keeping the skin hydrated


­­The only issue with skincare products is their affect is temporary, and consistent use is necessary to have better results, shop now.  If you’re looking for a more permeant solution to resolve any dark circles, we offer a range of treatments to help minimise their appearance:


Tear Trough Fillers

By using Hyaluronic Acid fillers and infusing it just beneath the lower eyelid area, Tear Trough treatment can restore radiance and uplift the appearance of dark circles, instantly making you look less tired and youthful. Find out more about tear trough fillers here.



Intensely hydrate your skin, whilst boosting firmness and reducing fine lines in the process! Great for brightening your overall complexion. Find out more about Hydrafacial here.


Skin Peels

Our range of Skin Peels helps to improve hyperpigmentation and balance an uneven skin tone, with immediate effects, they always leave your skin in its best condition with visibly brighter results. Find out more here.


If you are troubled by dark under eyes, and make-up or skincare products aren’t working, why not book a free consultation with us for expert guidance where we can outline the best treatment and product options available for you.