• How To Get Rid Of Milia (Milk Spots)

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The word ;Milia’ is searched in google nearly 8,000 times a month in the UK, so you are certainly not on your own if you are looking to get rid of them.  Also known as milk spots, milia effects both males and females and can happen at any age (…even in your 50’s).

Milia Before

What Is Milia?

Milia is the build-up of trapped oil under the skin, which isn’t able to squeeze through to the surface. It is often mistaken as a spot or white head which has permanently set up camp on your skin and typically found around the eye area. It can also be caused by oily make up removal products and make up removal wipes (not so convenient now). The oily products create a sandwich of oil beneath and on top of the skin, which unfortunately won’t go away in time.

Men are also victim to milia as they tend to skip exfoliating and cleansing as part of their skin regime,  leading to the build-up of oil. By using heavy high street products, men can worsen the Milia with heavy oily moisturisers after shaving etc..

How do I get rid of Milia?

We use Advanced Electrolysis which is a micro-needle that pierces the milia and uses a hot current to heat the oil trapped under the skin. In some cases, the practitioner will be able to see the oil seep out if you have a large area of build up. The treatment feels like a hot needle flick which can be quite sensitive as it usually around the eye area on the face. Some clients feel nothing at all, where as some clients feel the flick.

Some people try this treatment at home with a pin or needle. The area is sensitive which can put you at risk of scarring and infection from a ‘do it yourself’ process. Our advice is…




Men find the treatment a bit more uncomfortable as they are not used to the traumas us girls go through in beauty.

What happens after the treatment?

As you are piercing the milia a tiny scab may appear on the treated area which will disappear after a week.  We recommend to apply witch hazel 5-7 days after the treatment to help with the healing process and make sure you don’t use any harsh products around the area.

What can I do to prevent Milia?

Make up wipes are known as the devil at DestinationSkin as they do not cleanse your skin properly and contain ingredients which will clog your skin even more. Make sure you double cleanse your skin so that… Round 1 you remove all of the dirt, oil and impurities off your skin… Round 2 your active cleanser for your skin type can work straight into the top layer without a barrier. Your eye area is delicate (1.5mm thick) so use a gentle cleanser such as the Epionce gentle cleanser to safely remove all traces of make up.

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