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How And Why, You Should Adjust Your Skincare As You Age

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Dr Toni Philips, Group Clinical Director at DestinationSkin shares her insight on skincare for all ages and budget.

It’s important to feel comfortable in your skin no matter what your age as it can have a huge impact on your confidence. By introducing a good skincare regime at a younger age you can help prevent problems from arising later down the road, but there’s no need to be put off if it’s taken you longer to understand what your skin needs and when.

To help ensure you have the key products to give your skin the love it needs to look and feel great, Dr Toni Philips, Group Clinical Director at DestinationSkin shares her advice.

“As we age, the structure of our skin changes due to normal ageing but also other factors such as illness, medication, stress levels and lifestyle habits. Changes in the skin structure can mean that the skin doesn’t function in a balanced way, leading to issues such as redness, pigmentation and break outs along with visible signs of ageing such as lines and wrinkles.

“To maintain plump, glowing, hydrated and clear skin, a proper skin care routine is needed using the correct support products.”

So, how should we be adjusting our skincare?

Dr Toni explains, “The goal when maintaining youthful looking skin is always to boost new collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and other proteins such as GAGs (glycosaminoglycans), whilst preventing their early breakdown.

“Under the age of 25, it is all about supporting the health of your skin cells. As we get older, we become aware of a loss of firmness and glow, so more corrective products are required. If there has been significant ageing or sun damage, then a program of in-clinic treatments may also be needed.”

What does this mean for each age group?

“Under 25 years, the focus is on understanding your skin type and cleansing the correct way. Using a daily (or twice daily) antioxidant with a quality SPF30 + will be enough to support your skin. If you have a specific problem such as acne, rosacea (redness) or hyperpigmentation (uneven brown patches) then it’s worth speaking to a skin care expert who can advise the best way to bring back the balance and optimal health of your skin.

“For those aged between 25-35 years there will be some loss of collagen, elastin and other building blocks of the skin structure, however, the key product is still a good antioxidant after proper cleansing. Using a peptide-rich product daily will help to maintain the plumpness and glow of the skin.

“If you’re 35-45 years this is the time to begin using a retinol product in the evening. Oily skin types will tolerate every night, but all other skin types only need to use it 2-3x per week. Retinol is a proven collagen booster, and also plays a role in preventing pigmentation.

“For those 45+ years if you are fortunate to have good skin (or you have looked after it well as above) then it’s all about maintenance of good collagen levels, supporting elastin and boosting natural hyaluronic acid production. To do this use a daily skin care routine involving all the products as above, with expert advice on particular cleansers for your skin type. A great addition would also be a nightly glycolic acid product to speed up exfoliation rates, leading to glowing skin.

“And finally, for the 50+ I’d recommend the same regime but with a regular program of in-clinic skin treatments such as peels, injectable treatments such as botox or hyaluronic acid gel fillers will give an extra level of support to slow down the ageing process so the skin still looks bright, plump and glowing.”

Sounds great! But, what if my budget is limited?

“On a tight budget you only need 3 or 4 products: a good cleanser for your skin type; a quality antioxidant (Vitamin C), SPF and a retinol if you are over 35.

“If your budget allows, the skin care routine and products above still stand, but investing more in an antioxidant will give faster and better results. There are products available combining retinol and glycolic acid (for dry skin) or salicylic acid (for combination/oily skin) which do 2-3 steps in one. Seeing a skin care expert for some in-clinic treatments is always a great way to look after your skin.”

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