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Learn more from our fabulous Medical Director Dr Toni about the treatments you should be considering to get your skin glowing in time for your big day.

So you’re getting married…

For most women, their wedding day has been one that has been dreamt of and intricately planned since they were old enough to say “I do”. The day itself has been planned decades before the engagement, and long before the boyfriend! From the neckline of the dress to the colour of the shoes, the perfectly piped cake to the carefully arranged flowers and everything in between, most ladies have got it all stored away for when the time eventually comes.

And with the bride (and all her plans) comes the entourage; the mother, the doting sister, the side-kick best friend, the flower girl, the pet ring bearer (yes, that’s now a thing), who all have their hands mucked in to help out with the brides (ever-growing) list of to-dos. But there are a few things that you might not be able to get these fabulous people to help out with, including a professionally developed skin treatment plan that will help you look totally flawless on your big day, and in the pictures that you will cherish for years to come. Enter our fabulous Medical Director and top cosmetic clinician, Dr Toni Phillips!

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Dr Toni has years of experience in making brides (and grooms!) feel a million dollars for their weddings, and understands that their special days are unique to them; their skin goals being no exception to this. Whilst one bride may wish to correct more enduring concerns such as nose-reshaping, another may wish to simply refresh her look with an area of Botox®, or plump her lips with a small amount of filler. So to help you get a better idea of what treatments Dr Toni recommends for brides to be, and the journey you can expect to go on prior to your big day, she is here with the below to join your entourage, and help you feel totally confident and look radiant on your wedding day.

What treatments should I consider in preparation for looking my best on my wedding day?PlusMinus

It’s a day that most women (and some men!) have anticipated for years! Therefore you’ll want your skin to look clear, blemish free and radiant. Wedding day photos will be cherished forever, and it’s the one day everyone wants to look picture perfect. This is especially important for the groom as the bride also has the added advantage of make up on the day. Even so, her make-up will look even better on great skin!

Assuming a good skincare routine is in place (at home skin regime & in clinic therapies such as IPL and skin peels) some injectable treatments can make that little bit of extra difference. This is important for the ‘real life’ appearance on the day, but also for the best possible photos of the wedding and honeymoon too.

Younger brides/grooms (20-35 years) could benefit from one or two areas of Botox®, to smooth out any forehead irregularities and open up the eyes. A small amount of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) filler (a substance found naturally within the body) in the lips will ensure the lips look plump and totally kissable. (Image featured: Before and after 1ml Juvederm Volbella)

Brides/grooms aged 35-45 should develop an appropriate treatment plan based on how you want to look for the occasion, and depending if any aesthetic treatments have ever been done. This can involve Botox®, lip or cheek fillers, or skin remodelling treatments such as Profhilo; the aim being to achieve a fresh and totally natural look.

Couples aged 45 + – should consider all of the above, and may also consider skin tightening therapies such as Silhouette Soft® thread lifts and treatments to the neck, décolleté, hands to help firm the skin in the areas, giving an all-round rejuvenated, more youthful appearance.

Are there any areas I should be focusing on?PlusMinus

This is of course entirely dependent on how you want to look on your wedding day, and generally it’s an occasion that brides/grooms focus on refreshing their look with either some Botox® or fillers to enhance their natural features. However, it is also a time that you might wish to address some more enduring concerns such as nose reshaping, cheek fillers to achieve those killer cheek bones, lifting sagging jaw lines, Botox® to address excessive sweating etc.

All of these enhancements should be discussed 3-6 months prior to the wedding. This will ensure that there is enough time to achieve the desired result (it may take more than one visit) and that everything has healed and completely settled on time for the big day, and any of the lead up events such as the hen-do; stag, rehearsal dinners, pre-wedding shoots (the list goes on!)

When should I begin my treatment plan? PlusMinus

Before the big day, you’ll need to think about the look you wish to achieve and the concerns that you have, and this will then determine when you should start having treatment. However I recommend that the initial consultation should take place 6 months before the wedding day. This is especially important in terms of preparing the skin with an at-home routine and in clinic treatments. If you have problems such as acne, pigmentation or moderate sun damage, it will take a few months to correct these issues properly.

Injectable treatments such as Botox®, lip or cheek fillers may be planned for later on but in many cases, it is worth getting started to optimize the results. This is especially true for brides/grooms who are 35+ years. (Image featured: Before and after two areas of Botox® in forehead)

How many treatments will I need?PlusMinus

Destinationskin Weybridge Treatment room and bedThis depends on your age and what type of results are achieved as you go along. Younger brides/grooms often only need one treatment at the right time before the wedding day.

If a more detailed treatment plan is recommended, then expect to visit the clinic up to 6 times before the actual day. This is to begin treatment, optimize the results and to make sure it has all been maintained and is perfect for the actual date.

What results can I expect? PlusMinus

The results will depend on how you wish to look on your big day, and how many treatments you have had prior to it. This will always be fully discussed at the first consultation in order to manage your expectations, and an appropriate treatment plan can then be designed.

Thanks Dr Toni!

We hope you’ve now got a good idea of the kind of treatments that you may wish to consider for your wedding day, and what to expect in terms of fitting this in around all your other plans. If you are considering any of the above and wish to start your journey to wedding ready skin, book a consultation today and one of our practitioners or Medical Injectors can work with you to begin your wedding day treatment plan.

Our final tips to get you glowing for the big day:

1. Get your treatment plan organised early on (and follow it through) this will enable you to achieve the very best results possible, and ensure that you’re totally happy with them!

2. Listen to your practitioner, and ensure you stick to the at home plan they give you as well – it’s there for a reason! Our practitioners are experts at what they do, and you’ll get the very best results if you stick to the plan that you’ve been recommended.

3. Get sleep! – not a direct skincare tip, but the more sleep you get, the more your skin will thank you for it! We all know that getting married is a stressful time, and as much as you may be tempted to sit up ‘til 4am scrolling through Pinterest for more ideas, you won’t be thankful for the zit that pops up on your forehead the next day!

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