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Get the Meghan Markle Sparkle!

Ellie Taylor
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We’ve developed an exclusive skin treatment package to get you glowing just like the Royal-to-be!

Want to get the ultimate Meghan Markle Sparkle this festive season? We’ve built the ultimate treatment package to get your skin glowing, just like the future Royal’s!

Meghan Markle has quickly become a hot topic of conversation across the nation since her relationship with Prince Harry became public, and now as the Prince’s new fiancée, the fascination with the Royal-to-be continues to grow.

But it’s not just the sparkle on her finger that is making women across the country swoon! Meghan’s glowing skin is also causing a commotion, with so many of us wondering just how she’s looking so radiant (if being Prince Harry’s fiancée didn’t do it!) As seen in Daily Mail, Meghan has recently been spotted with skincare specialist to the stars, Sarah Chapman, whose popular treatments include EDS Dermaroller therapy, stem cell facials, and a range of skin peels.

Confessing to the readers of her old blog The Tig, Meghan also shared that she began getting facials at just 13, which indicates that the bride to be has long had a vested interest in taking care of her skin!

Whilst Meghan’s exact treatment plan with Sarah was kept heavily under wraps, we think we have a good insight into the types of treatments and products that Meghan might be investing in, so how can DestinationSkin help get your skin glowing in the same way?

The bespoke package detailed below has been exclusively developed to help you achieve your very own Meghan Markle Sparkle, that will have you glimmering in no time!

Package Details

Created to hydrate the lower levels of the skin, the first product in the package is the popular Dermaquest Advanced B5 Serum, which works through the use of hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate the skin, leaving it feeling soft and plump.

Brightening and energizing are the key benefits of Dermaquests C Infusion Cleanser, and just what Megan’s flawless skin shines with. Without causing irritation, this cleanser attracts moisture to parched skin and is overflowing with antioxidants restoring a youthful glow to your skin!

Famed for her warm radiant glow, the Dermaquest Stem Cell 3D Tinted Moisturiser has been carefully selected as another product within this package that will help you get a beautifully bronzed complexion, just like Meghan’s.

A champion of stem cell treatments and products, many of Sarah Chapman’s clients are encouraged to incorporate these as part of their skin care regimes, therefore we have included the Dermquest Stem Cell Rebuilding Complex to help you achieve your Meghan Markle Sparkle. Containing proteins and plant stem cells, this gentle serum promotes collagen production to protect and nurture healthy skin cells, leaving you with silky smooth skin.

Completing the package is 3 sessions of the skin boosting treatment EDS Revitalise with Growth Factors. Designed to bring new life to your skin, this treatment (that is also used in Sarah Champan’s clinic) works to stimulate collagen and elastin to prevent the ageing process and give your skin that boost that will have you glowing like Meghan in no time!

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