• Meet Tracy

    Age: 54
    Gender: Female
    Location: Oxfordshire
    Concern: Looking older than I feel

“I’m most concerned about my frown, downturned mouth and generally looking tired. I feel like I always look grumpy and tired, but I am not. I want a fresher look. ” Tracy

Tracy's initial consultation with DestinationSkinPlusMinus

Dr Toni Philips, Clinic Director at DestinationSkin, met with Tracy to discuss her concerns about feeling younger than she looked. Finally making the decision to come into DestinationSkin was the hardest step, for Tracy, as she was nervous about what treatments she would need. As part of her consultation, Dr Toni assessed Tracy’s skins overall health, laxity and structure to determine the best treatment plan for her.

What made you come to DestinationSkin today?
“Firstly, I haven’t ever really had a skin regime, I haven’t used any products other than occasionally using Neutrogena cleanser, and I use baby wipes to cleanse my face. So I would like to get an easy to use skincare regime in place, but I have concerns about ageing and I just hope that there is some kind of treatment that can make me feel and look fresher and happier.”

How did you feel after your consultation?
“I was concerned what my friends and family might think, but after seeing the results of other people, it made me realise that whilst effective, the subtlety of treatment would help me look younger but not ‘frozen'”

Tracy Before Treatment PlusMinus

  • Eye Area

  • Lower Face

  • Cheek Area

  • Forehead

Tracy's Treatment PlanPlusMinus

Based on Dr Toni’s assessment, she recommended a bespoke treatment plan for Tracy, which involved:

  • Botox to target fine lines and wrinkles in the upper part of the face including the forehead and around the eyes
  • Botox in the lower part of the face, using an advanced techniques, to soften the muscles and the natural jaw line. Dermal filler will also be used to add definition and support for the upper face, specifically around the mouth where Tracy was most worried about looking down-turned and miserable.
  • Dermal fillers in the cheeks, temple areas and under eyes, to replace loss of volume.  Loss of volume under the eye is often referred to as the tear trough area and causes the appearance of hollowness  and darkness under the eye
  • Lip augmentation to fill and define the lips to address loss of volume which often occurs with the ageing process and can be an area which can really re-balance the facial features when treated
  • A course of IPL treatment for veins and sun damage

Tracy’s treatments will take place over 5 to 8 appointments to allow her skin time to recover and be stimulated by the treatments used.

Post first treatment PlusMinus

On her first treatment, Tracy had Botox to treat the fine lines and wrinkles in her forehead, around the eyes and lower part of the face and neck.

“I was nervous about going to the clinic for my first treatment, I didn’t know if it would hurt, what I would look like after, would it be natural and what side effects there could be? I spoke to my friend who had Botox before, and she reassured me that it is pain free and will really help with how I feel about my looks.”

“Once the treatment was over, I couldn’t believe how painless and quick it went. Dr Toni was thorough with her questions, and let me talk through my worries about how I would look after, and how much the treatment would cost. I didn’t feel rushed and walked out not feeling conscious that everyone was looking at me!”