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Epionce Lite Refresh Peel & Microdermabrasion

Ellie Taylor
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The Epionce Lite Refresh Peel & Microdermabrasion is the ultimate treatment for instant Microdermabrasion Techniqueradiant skin perfect for a last minute party prep. Not only does the this treatment give you instant results but has no downtime which is perfect for all of us that are constantly clock watching… yet squeezing in some me time.

The Epionce Lite Refresh Peel exfoliates the top layer of skin smoothing the skin’s texture and boosting cell production. Unlike beauty products on the high street, this peel works deep into the dermis (top layer of skin) to give you effective and visible results. The vitamin c peel however is enhanced with a treatment of Microdermabrasion which is the star player to reveal flawless even skin.

Microdermabrasion is a physical exfoliation technique, where tiny pharmaceutical grade crystals are blasted at the skin to remove the top layer of skin, unclog pores and thicken the dermis to avoid wrinkles. Our highly qualified practitioners are fully trained in the advanced treatment to adapt the speed of the crystals, penetration and tailor to areas of concern. The microdermabrasion treatment is one of DestinationSkin’s favourite treatments, not only because the results are instant, but your practitioner can build up the treatment over a course to reveal even more impressive results… Find out more

To really show you the benefits of the treatment we have listed our top facts on why this should be your must have treatment for you next DestinationSkin visit….

Top DestinationSkin Microdermabrasion Facts!

DestinationSkin use the professional Microdermabrasion machine. There are many replica microdermabrasion machines on the high street which can leave raw lines and train tracks on your skin (not perfect before that important party)

The crystals can unclog pores and reduce visible pores. By flooding clogged pores with the sytheracal crystals they work to physically unclog and minimise the pore area. Perfect for targeting those areas your skin products don’t react to, such as the nose.

The treatment is actually anti ageing. From blasting the concentrated crystals at the skin it thickens the skin dermis to prolong wrinkles and smooth out any fine lines creeping out.

Creates a blank ‘Skin Blank Canvas’ instantly. By removing all the dead skin off the surface of the skin with no downtime it leaves the skin to be smooth clear perfect for a applying make up. Which means all you need now is your little black dress.

Improve the effectiveness of your skin care products. Removing the dead skin will allow deeper penetration of your skin care products, as they have an even surface to work through. Check our online shop for advanced skin care products

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