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Treating milia and skin tags, plus laser hair removal

Let’s get one thing straight. There are very few people who’re naturally perfect, and even fewer who know it. So that means it’s pretty likely that you have a beauty concern that you’d love to do something about, but are either too embarrassed, or think there’s simply nothing that can be done.

But frankly girls (and boys), we disagree. In fact, we believe no-one should have feel less than their best, and thanks to our accredited, award-winning treatments, we’ve got the power to make some pretty amazing changes for the better.

So let’s take a closer look at some common embarrassing problems, and how they can be quickly, safely solved.

Milia and skin tags

Did you know that you needn’t live with either? Blitz harmless but unsightly blemished skin with advanced electrolysis – we gently insert a needle into the area and then releasing the electrical current which kills it from the inside, allowing it to dry up and fall off. You’ll barely feel it, and the treatment is over in a matter of seconds. Milia also responds well to IPL and microdermabrasion.

Spider (thread) veins

Fine red veins may run in your family, or appear after pregnancy, or as a result of smoking or exposure to extreme temperatures. The good news? They’re incredibly easily sorted.

A quick course of advanced electrolysis, IPLinjectables or laser rejuvenation, and you can say goodbye to these unwelcome rosy additions.


Excess hair

If you’re fed up with waxing and shaving – or feel like you’ve got hair in places you wish you hadn’t – laser hair removal and electrolysis can be literally life changing. And honestly, our practitioners have seen it all, so whether it’s hair around your nipples or on your face that’s getting you down, or a bikini line that make bikinis a no-go, there’s absolutely no need to feel embarrassed. Just come and see us, and start getting it sorted.

IPL fact: if your practitioner doesn’t carry out a patch test, think twice! IPL is only suitable for certain skin tones and hair colours, and if applied inexpertly, can cause painful burns, and in rare cases, scarring. DestinationSkin ALWAYS patch test to make sure your skin will respond well to the treatment. We also offer a safer laser alternative for skin tone/hair combinations that don’t respond well to IPL.

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