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The DestinationSkin Difference

Ellie Taylor
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We truly believe that the service we offer goes above and beyond. So, don’t compromise on your skin, find out more about what makes us different and why you should start your journey with us.

As you might have seen, there are quite a lot of beauty and aesthetic chains out there! Plenty of companies offer laser hair removal and skin treatments, so that’s why we want to take a moment to tell you more about what makes us different. It’s for the reasons we outline below that we think you will have the best experience and achieve the results you’re looking for when you have your treatment with us. Choosing a clinic to put your trust in when it comes to something as important as your skin isn’t a decision that can be taken lightly, as the consequences of going with an inexperienced practitioner who isn’t properly trained can have a very serious impact on your body.

So let us tell you a bit more about our DestinationSkin Difference and why you can trust us to make you feel you at your best.

Safety is our standard

Your safety is our top priority. Coming in for a treatment can be exciting – you’re so close to getting the look you’ve been waiting for! – but the treatments we offer shouldn’t be treated as lightly as a haircut. Incorrectly applied laser or skin treatments can leave scars and other marks. You should never consider Injectable treatments offered by anyone without a background in medicine and the further relevant aesthetic qualifications, no matter how tempting the price.

We’re honest about this because we believe this is information you have a right to know before committing to a treatment. And we know that every one of our practitioners and injectors is trained to put your safety above all else. They won’t treat you with anything that isn’t appropriate for you and will test patch where necessary to minimise any risk of an adverse reaction. When it comes to laser hair removal, we use only the best quality lasers and ensure our machines are safety tested regularly. All of our practitioners receive thorough training in every treatment they administer, including regular knowledge refresher courses so they’re up to date.

You can find out more about own safety standards and the questions you can ask of any other clinics you’re considering here.

Expert clinical team that deliver results

All of our practitioners are fully qualified, highly trained and have years of experience in the industry. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and they can help. They’re experts and they’re passionate about giving you the best results through putting their knowledge to good use. We work with the suppliers of our products and treatments to properly train and empower every member of our clinical team, something we can guarantee doesn’t happen at other clinics out there, who may even be using second-hand lasers or other machinery that they haven’t been taught how to use correctly. Through working with our suppliers like Cynosure and Dermaquest, we make sure the expertise they have in their specific treatment areas makes our practitioners experts in their own right. It’s their job then to share this information with you, so you can make informed choices and understand everything that’s happening along the way.

Quality customer service you can trust

Our goal is to make you feel ‘you at your best’, and it’s not all about the end result. We want you to feel confident when you’re in our clinics, so your practitioner will work hard to address any concerns you have and keep you updated with everything that’s going on during your treatment. As much as possible, we’ll book you in with the same practitioner throughout your time with us, so you can benefit from building a relationship with someone who understands your motivations and desired results. The trust our customers put in our team is huge and we know it’s the mutual relationships that our practitioners and clients build together (as well as the great results!) that keep people coming back to DestinationSkin, making us a regular part of their skincare regime.

Bespoke consultations to find the right solution for you

Your journey with DestinationSkin, whether it’s for a skin concern, hair removal, or an injectable treatment, will start with a bespoke consultation. This experience eases you in and makes you feel comfortable with the process you’re going to be going ahead with. It also gives our practitioners and medical team the chance to look at your skin or concern, talk to you about your goals, and from that formulate your own tailored treatment plan. ‘Bespoke’ is key when it comes to the services we offer – not everything works for everyone, so we customise your journey to get you exactly what you’re looking for!

We don’t rush the consultation either. When you come in, you’ll get up to an hour of your practitioner’s time to properly check and discuss everything. You’ll leave with your advised treatment plan and any product suggestions in hand, ready to confidently take the next step. If you’re considering laser hair removal, advanced skin treatments or injectable treatments and the clinic you’ve found doesn’t offer any kind of pre-treatment consultation, then do be wary as they likely don’t have your best interests at heart.

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